A Promise For the Future: 5 Beautiful Promise Ring Ideas For Couples

A Promise For the Future: 5 Beautiful Promise Ring Ideas For Couples


Consider how intimate a promise is. No two are alike and each is purely personal, significant and meaningful.

So, too, are promise rings.

A symbol of devotion and commitment, this type of jewelry is a beautiful way to express your serious love. It doesn't say "Let's hang out for a while and see where this goes" or, "I think I like you, but I'm not sure."

Rather, it's a declaration of "I'm in this for the long run."

Are you ready to share this token of truth with someone in your life? Congratulations! That's an important step toward an incredible journey.

Yet, with so many promise ring ideas at your fingertips, you may not be sure which way to turn. Should you go with stainless steel? What about a different metal? Diamonds or a set of stacked bands?

Today, we're breaking down the meaning behind a promise ring and sharing a few options sure to bring that smile you love to adore.

Ready to learn more? Let's get started.

The Myriad Meanings of Promise Rings

When you're ready to give a promise ring, you may be wondering exactly what message it's sending. For some couples, this is a preliminary step toward getting engaged. It symbolizes that you're ready to enter into that lifelong relationship and have made plans to spend your life together.

For others, this ring sends a statement of chastity, and a pledge to remain physically pure until marriage.

Or, a couple may exchange promise rings before any discussion of matrimony or the next 10 years has even occurred. They simply want to let each other know that this isn't a casual fling, and they're ready to take this commitment seriously.

Herein lies the beauty of such a small, yet monumental, piece of jewelry: Its meaning is up to interpretation and is entirely decided by you and your significant other.

Ultimately, is there anything more romantic than having such a special, exclusive pact? Let's briefly review how these symbols came to be.

The History of Promise Rings

There are two eras in which promise rings found prominence. They first arrived in 16th century England, where they were named Posy rings. They received this moniker because, unlike most of the sleek bands of today, these were engraved with short lines of romantic poetry.

A similar style became popular in the Victorian and Georgian eras. These promise rings featured an acrostic spelled out across the front by the use of certain gemstones. For instance, a diamond, emerald, amethyst, and ruby would spell "DEAR" when arranged in that formation.

Even as far back as the 2nd century B.C., women were wearing promise rings and engagement bands to demonstrate pledges of loyalty and fidelity. Ready for the romantic reason these pieces are worn on the ring finger of your left hand?

There is a vein that travels from that specific finger straight to your heart. Isn't that an incredible correlation? No wonder both women and men around the world have turned for centuries toward such symbolism.

Promise Ring Ideas for Every Love

You're ready to make that next move. Your partner is ready, too. You know you want to slip a ring on her finger, even if it isn't the one that leads directly to cake tasting, gown shopping, and honeymoon planning.

Now that you know a little more about the meaning behind them, let's explore some cute promise ring ideas for inspiration.

1. Stacked Band Symbolism

Stacked bands have experienced a resurgence in popularity over the past few years. One reason is how well they photograph.

Instagram influencers have especially embraced this trend, stacking their jewelry in various ways. They're mixing metals, combining dainty pieces with chunkier ones and shaking up the way we view traditional pairings.

When it comes to promise ring ideas for her, why not gift your loved one with a few bands she can layer on top of one another for a unique and customizable aesthetic?

These Pure Stacking Rings come in five different colors including stainless steel, black anodized, blue, gold and rose gold? At an affordable price point, they're perfect for mixing and matching. If your sweetheart prefers a piece with a little more texture and design work, this Box Cut Stacking Ring is a great fit.

You might choose a few in her favorite colors, and present them to her as a set. Or, consider purchasing a band for every year or month you've been together. This is an unexpected way to show that you've been keeping up with anniversaries!

Another idea is to give her one stackable ring now, and add one together with every new milestone you achieve together. This design is also available in a larger style that makes just as much of a statement on its own as it does paired with others!

2. The Power of Bold Bling

Want to really send a statement to your loved one? Giving a promise ring is one thing. Giving one encrusted with shimmering jewels all the way around is another.

Even if you aren't quite ready to say "I do" any time soon, this Stacking Eternity Ring is a dazzling expression of adoration. Available in stainless steel, black anodized, gold and rose gold, it is bold enough to stand on its own, yet delicate enough to stack.

Love the idea of presenting her with diamonds, but want something a little more unique? These eternity rings feature our exclusive B.Tiff Diamond Alternative Stones instead, which rival the best grade of diamonds. The man-made stones are designed to maintain their brilliance even in the most unexpected places, such as a shower or swimming pool.

Coming in at a hardness rate of 8.5 on the Mohs scale, B.Tiff Diamond Alternative Stones have a flawless clarity and are incredibly durable, just like your love.

Choose from a single row of stones going all the way around the band, or elevate the look with our Three-Row Eternity Ring, which features more than 100 stones! Our eternity ring collection also includes a Center Row Wide Ring that features a row of stones in the middle of a wider band.

Thanks to their glimmer and shine, our eternity rings also make excellent wedding bands for those couples who are ready. They'd be ideal for a promise ring proposal!

3. A Next-Step Commitment

Of course, a promise ring isn't a pledge to stay right where you are. Instead, it tells your true love that you're ready to grow, learn and experience life together.

In other words, you're ready to take that next step.

You can put that sentiment into action by gifting her a Cross Body Ring that visually details your desire to move forward.

This wide ring features a special cross pattern of .02 carat, round Diamond Alternative stones designed in a stairstep pattern that represents the path you're on together.

Coming in at 10 millimeters, this ring isn't for someone who'd prefer to blend in with the crowd. Rather, it's light-catching any way you turn and adds instant glam and sparkle to any ensemble.

This way, every time she wears it, she'll remember that the next part of this process is full of hope. You have an illustrious, shimmering future ahead of you and taking those big strides side-by-side is the best gift of all.

4. Embracing Simple Love

While some couples may want to shout their newly formed promises from the mountain tops, others would rather profess it a little quieter.

They'd like to whisper it over a warm cup of coffee in the back of a cafe, exchange a knowing smile with each other in a crowded room or let the touch of a hand on the small of a back say it all.

This is where minimalist jewelry shines.

Style experts agree that these pieces aren't a flash-in-the-pan trend. They're here to stay, and for good reason. According to a recent survey of Vogue's four million Instagram followers, simple and sleek pieces that make a big statement are the most popular and preferred look, besting even the most elaborate designer pieces.

This is because, unlike other fashions, you don't need to worry about which elements mix well together or clash when you lean toward minimalism. You aren't sending a hodgepodge of messages with your style. Rather, you're finding a simple point to make and sticking to it.

For the committed couple who want promise rings that are as beautifully unfussy as they are, this Princess Cut Black Solitaire Ring is perfect.

The solitary stone in this piece is allowed to take center stage, shining even more brightly against the jet black metal band. Along with all of our other pieces, this ring is designed to maintain its shape and quality in any environment, so you can feel good about making it a routine part of your daily wardrobe.

She'll wear this one to work, out with friends and to a candlelit dinner with you. It's versatile, simple and meant to last, just like your relationship.

5. A Perfect Pair

When you're searching for the perfect promise ring to give that special person in your life, why not make it a set and give one to yourself, too?

Even if you're many years and discussions away from marriage, this is a great way to let the world know that you two belong together. It expresses your shared dreams and your plans to remain committed to each other alone.

Plus, there's power in both parties outwardly expressing their intent. In fact, many men are now opting to wear engagement rings alongside their future spouses, rather than waiting to get one on their wedding day. Recently, celebrities Ed Sheeran and Michael Buble even embraced the look.

Even if you aren't looking to become engaged, wearing a promise ring at the same time as your partner establishes unity and companionship.

Thankfully, there are plenty of men's styles to browse in our ring categories, as well. These are designed to be a little thicker than our other options, though they're available in matching designs to provide a cohesive set.

For instance, men can also select a set of Pure Stacking Rings, a Cross-Body Ring or a Princess-Cut Black Solitaire ring that match those listed above.

Another sturdy style to consider is our 4-Stone Wide Ring. This beauty features a vertical line of four Diamond Alternative stones, each coming in at .02 carats. It's ideal for the man who isn't afraid to express his sentiments and wants the world to know how crazy he is over his love.

Find Your Perfect Promise Ring Today

Are you ready to cast casual dating aside and focus in on that one special person in your life? If so, a promise ring can be an excellent way to make that declaration and tell your loved one how serious you are about the future.

Whether you're buying one now with plans to purchase a wedding band soon or just want to solidify your devotion, you can't go wrong with these promise ring ideas. From the simple and streamlined to the elaborate and expressive, there is a style to meet every different need.

When you're ready to take a look around, we'd love to be your go-to jewelry resource.

Feel free to start by browsing our extensive ring collection. Interested in giving her a set that she'll cherish for a lifetime? Why not combine your promise ring with a pair of solitaire earrings?

Life can be fickle, and relationships can be hard. But with the right person on your side, you can conquer it all. Here's to finding your person, loving them well, and seeking out special ways to put the commitment in your hearts — and love around your fingers.

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