Celebration Pics: 10 Cute Selfie Poses to Show Off Your Engagement Ring

Celebration Pics: 10 Cute Selfie Poses to Show Off Your Engagement Ring


When your partner pops the question, you want to tell the world all about it. But with 2.5 million couples tying the knot each year, it can be difficult to come up with new and interesting ways to announce your engagement.

Whether you're taking a picture to start your family album or to upload to Instagram and share your news with friends, choosing perfect cute selfie poses is a must. Here are our top tips for really making your ring bling!

10 Cute Selfie Poses for Engagement Photos

If you have the budget, then asking a professional photographer to capture the moment is the best way to ensure a really great shot. But with the ever-increasing quality of smartphone cameras and a few hints and tips from us, you'll be able to take a really great shot all by yourself.

Holding Hands

Nothing says 'We're together,' like a shot of the two of you holding hands. Natural poses are great for this, for example, if you sit side-by-side on a bench and have your partner rest their hand on your thigh. Pop your hand on top and interlace your fingers, making sure that nothing gets in the way of the ring itself.

Or call in a friend to get the perfect pic and hold your partner's hand as you walk away from the camera and towards your new life together. Symbolism is everything in engagement ring photos!

On Location

If he or she popped the question at a scenic location, then you have a great opportunity to capture memories as well as the ring. Hold your hand up in front of the camera with a view in the background, and click! It's official.

You can make this style look even more special by including your partner in the background or adding a message dug into the sand or spelled out in leaves. Whatever your personal style is, find a way to make this idea your own.

Among the Flowers

Greenery makes a wonderful background to show the contrast of the sleek metal and hardness of the stone in your ring. Whether you want to curl your fingers in the grass or hold your hand against a backdrop of flowers, it will look great.

If you have opted for a diamond, then choosing a colorful background can help make a nice contrast to something like our cushion cut halo engagement ring. If you've chosen a colored stone then find a natural background that will either contrast or compliment the sparkle of your stone for the perfect pic.

Wedding Planning

If you want something a little more interesting than all those pictures of engagement rings on hands, why not go one step further and post your hand as you're doing something. A fun idea for this is to grab your wedding plan journal, or a guest list and use that as a backdrop to the photograph.

Close-up Bling

It takes a little patience and the right lighting to grab this shot but if you can nail it, you'll have something magical to add to the ring pictures. Take a close-up of your hand, tilted a little to one side to avoid emphasizing those small hairs and pores (or, heaven forbid, lines). Get the lighting just so, and you'll be able to capture the flare from one of the facets. This look works best with a large stone ring, such as our 2ct Round Solitaire.

An Unusual Background

If you're looking at artsy pictures, then you need to start thinking outside the box a little bit. While many poses show hands in situations you would expect them to be, you can create a really interesting effect by picking a background that defies expectations.

That background could be an unusual texture or item, you might even be able to take inspiration from the season. An abstract backdrop is best, to avoid taking attention from the ring.

The Casual Look

Sometimes showing your ring in the most ordinary of settings is just what is needed. Some newly engaged couples take photos in their car, resting on their lap or steering wheel and allowing the neutral colors to let the ring shine.

Alternatively, there's that shot grabbed at the coffee shop as you're picking up your latte or hovering over the brunch table. The, 'Oh, did I mention? I'm engaged!' look.

Follow Me To

Do you remember the viral 'Follow me to' series of photographs taken by Natalie and Murad Osomann? The stunning shots followed a standard format, Natalie took the center frame with her back to the camera, her hand behind her holding on to Murad's outstretched hand, which was all you saw of him. You could pay homage to Osomann's style, or parody it as others have done and capture a shot to frame for the Grandkids.

Get Tattoed

Henna tattoos have grown in popularity recently and can be a great opportunity to echo some of the design elements of the ring. Although the precise origins of henna tattoos aren't known, Mendhi designs are used for celebrations and rites of passage in Hindu culture. If you're mindful of cultural appropriation, make sure your henna artist is aware.

With Your Bridal Party

All hands in the middle with yours on top, showing not only the ring but the support you and your spouse-to-be have from your friends and family! Matching Bangle Bracelets for the Bridesmaids or Necklaces for your attendants will make one for the wedding album.

The Picture for You

While capturing a photo that's Instagram-worthy takes a little work, it's well worth it to have something that you can be truly proud of. The trick to choosing cute selfie poses is to take something that is personal to you, that will say something to your friends and followers and stand the test of time as your relationship with your spouse-to-be changes. Take a snap and sit back and wait for the congratulations to pour in.

If you liked this post, then you'll be glad to know that there are others like it on our blog for you to read at your leisure. And if you're shopping for an engagement ring? We can help you with that too!


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