Dazzling: 10 Jewelry Tips for Women in the Workplace

Dazzling: 10 Jewelry Tips for Women in the Workplace

Whether you are an attorney or a museum curator, wearing jewelry to the office doesn't have to be a dull and predictable affair.

Yet it does require some consideration, and we know not everyone is equipped with accessorizing genius.

Learn how to spice up your style and accessorize for work with these 10 jewelry tips. You'll dazzle your peers.

1. One Accessory

If you need a quick go-to method, the one-accessory tactic says it all. But which piece to choose?

Earrings are superior. They create a classy, effortless look that frames your face. Further, most don't compete with your attire for attention.

Consequently, earrings are the best choice for work. If you are stuck between choosing a necklace or a pair of studs, go with the studs.

2. Easy Elegance

For the more sophisticated look, diamond alternatives are your friends.

Keep in mind the trick to elegance lies in its simplicity. Go for an almost minimalist approach.

Therefore, we offer a word of caution about layers: layering creates a fun, energetic look rather than a simple, timeless one. But that doesn't mean you have to be bland.

The most elegant pieces offer splashes of color or subtleties that create an additional effect. Take a look at these fierce but elegant B.Tiff Sago Earrings to see what we mean.

3. Flashy And Professional

Having a bit of professionally-acceptable sass isn't out of the picture.

The days in which wearing gold with silver was a no-no are out; now, mixing metal colors forms a creative, unique style.

To do this effectively, pick one area of the body to show off. The rest of the metal colors should complement this area. They should not compete with it.

When worn, the metal colors should look as if they belong together rather than as if they are pieces from a multitude of sets. Generally, this requires a balance between the types of metal colors.

4. Make A Statement

Make a statement with a central piece of jewelry and downplay the rest. This not only creates balance, but it's also an excellent method to show your character.

Have a thick, dazzling bracelet for the bold look or a Double Wrapped Cable Bracelet for a mixture of power and elegance. Thick and thin chains and pendants have the same effect.

5. Stylize For Setting

Consider the setting at work and your career choice. Are you in a sector where workers admire creativity and colors? Are you in a serious-minded branch in which peers expect darker colors?

If it's the former, don't be afraid of going big or flashy with bright colors. Stacked Bangles are in.

However, if you work in business, think smaller and minimalist for smart, modern looks. Stud earrings are excellent choices.

Let your jewelry become a mixture of your character and a reflection of the environment within your profession.

6. To Set Or Not To Set?

Sets aren't necessary. In fact, jewelry sets might be too flashy for most workplaces. Save them for formal events.

In extreme business settings, however, jewelry sets are advisable. They create a sense of unity, something that individuals in the business world prize.

But be careful. Sets immediately draw attention, and a larger or flashier set might clash with business attire.

Clothing that is busy doesn't pair well with sets because the two compete for attention. Instead, simple clothing with solid colors works well.

7. Avoid Going Overboard

Do you sometimes go overboard? With any outfit, it is easy to start with an innocent ring and suddenly become a person-shaped chandelier that glitters every time she moves.

There's an easy remedy for this: before leaving for work, take one piece of jewelry off.

Legendary fashion designer Coco Chanel offered this fashion advice. It's such effective guidance that Chanel's words of wisdom even filtered into the home designing world.

While less is not always more in wearing jewelry, at work it's typically the best choice.

8. Rings Say More Than You Think

Rings say a lot more than if you're engaged or married.

In most professions, individuals look at their hands regularly throughout the day. A ring is something wearers look at as they type, hand out food or shake hands; therefore, they pick items they want to look at.

For this reason, a ring is a prime window into the wearer's soul. It shows likes and dislikes, penchants for color and more.

At your place of employment, choose rings that strut your stuff. A pop of color paired with standard business clothing brightens your day and leaves an impression.

9. Think Efficiency

But don't forget one significant detail: your comfort.

Anyone who's made a striking but uncomfortable outfit for work knows the regret felt after an eight-hour day. Take your actions and hours into account.

Heavy earrings, for instance, are not optimal for individuals who constantly move or work for long periods. By the end of the shift, your earlobes will feel as if they are on the floor.

Whenever possible, choose light jewelry that won't flounder about on your fingers, neck or ears. And don't forget about allergies.

10. Girl Power

Take into account what your boss wears and any female authority figures within the company.

You want to dress to kill, but you also want to dress up. That means you should wear jewelry and attire that matches the position you'd like to have one day.

Clothing and jewelry make a statement about who you are, what you think of yourself and how you'd like to appear to customers. Everything from your shoes to your suitcase says something, and it's no different with jewelry.

But jewelry gives you more opportunities than clothing to mix professionalism with a dash of personal style.

Jewelry Tips To Get You Through The Week

It's okay if you struggle with accessorizing. Much of the comprehension lies in the journey, in trying multiple combinations until you find something that subtly shows your personal touch.

Along that path, take these jewelry tips into account. And don't forget to consider the season.

Learn all about accessorizing for every season in our blog articles. It's time for a dazzling adventure.

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