How To Coordinate Jewelry To Your Outfit On Any Occasion

How To Coordinate Jewelry To Your Outfit On Any Occasion


So, you have several looks planned, but you have no idea what kind of jewelry to wear with your outfit.

In this blog post, we'll go over some of the best jewelry to wear with different types of outfits to make sure you shine on one of your special days or every day.

After reading this article, you'll be able to coordinate jewelry like a pro.

Short Sleeves or Sleeveless? Go for a Bangle

Bangles have been around for centuries, possibly even dating back before recorded history. And of course, they would be: they're a simple and easy piece to slip on, stack and wear for a variety of occasions.

In Indian culture, the bangles and the way they're stacked have a special meaning. So, if you plan to attend an Indian wedding, or are wearing the bangles to an Indian cultural event, make sure you're aware of the meanings before turning up.

The bangle can be worn alone for a little added drama. Or, you can wear the bangle with several stacked up at once to really increase your flair.

If you're at work in a conservative environment, a bangle without adornment is likely the best bet. Don't stack more than two together, as this can be distracting when you're trying to work.

The Pendant

A pendant necklace is a classic that can be worn with almost any type of outfit. From casual to black tie, a classy pendant is a girl's best friend.

When wearing a pendant, you should choose one that means something to you. For example, if you're religious, a cross pendant is a great way to remind yourself of your faith in everyday life.

The pendant is fantastic for almost any neckline and works well for any occasion. It is not only versatile in terms of which outfits you can wear with it, but it is also timeless.

This means that no matter your age, you're never too old nor too young to wear a pendant with an outfit. It's also a great gift to consider giving to someone, no matter their age.

The only time you should stay away from a pendant, or any necklace for that matter is if you're wearing a fancy and competing neckline. Too many ruffles or jewels on the front of your dress or top and a pendant can cause a little bit too much to go on at once.

As a result, it's best to let the dress or top do the talking at that point.

Bejeweled Bangles

Bangles without adornments keep things simple, but bangles with jewels add a little bit of extra drama to your outfit. Depending on your personal style, a bangle with jewels could be suited for everyday wear.

But for most people, a bangle with jewels should be relegated to evening wear or to wear when you're out on the town with friends or family. It can make a great addition to an evening frock, or a nice suit and pants combo.

Bar and Halo Pendants

Bar and halo pendants are the ultimate in class and simplicity. Unlike other types of pendants, they're usually shaped like something that's meaningful to you, like a heart or cross. Instead, these pendants are all either shaped like a rectangle or a halo, which has our B.Tiff New York Diamond Alternative Stones in it.

These pendants are classic and can be worn with almost any outfit, no matter how loud and brash it is. But, of course, if you're wearing an outfit with an extremely decorated neckline, you should rethink wearing a necklace at all.

Otherwise, these timeless jewels are also perfect for women of any age. Whether you're 9 or 99, a bar or pendant halo will look great with casual wear, workwear or evening wear.

Statement Earrings

If you're wearing otherwise simple jewelry, a statement piece like a big pair of earrings can be a great way to tie the whole look together.

Hoop earrings are some of the most common statement earrings women wear, and for good reason. Like the bangle, they've been around for quite a long time: since 2500 BC. There's little doubt that they're classics that are here to stay.

Statement earrings, like hoops or t-bar earrings, are fantastic for adding a little pop to your outfit. You don't need to be wearing something ultra-fancy to give a loud statement.

Instead, if at work you wear something like an all-black or one-color ensemble, add a little bit of extra flair with a pair of hoop statement earrings.

Hoop earrings go with almost any type of outfit and are incredibly versatile. However, you should likely stay away from them, or the t-bar earrings, if you're wearing other statement jewelry. Otherwise, the hoop and t-bar are perfect for dressing up any outfit or matching the glamor of an outfit on a special occasion.

Coordinating Jewelry

Coordinating jewelry isn't too difficult once you get the hang of it. And, if you stick to classic metal colors like gold, silver and rose gold, you'll be sure to match almost any outfit with ease.

If in doubt, go with a piece of jewelry that is a bit of an understatement to ensure that you're adding just the right amount of class.

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