Valentine's Day Jewelry: What to give according to the stage of your relationship

Valentine's Day Jewelry: What to give according to the stage of your relationship

 Cynics call it a commercialized, Hallmark holiday that has no relation to the real Saint Valentine. Single people might disparage it, dismiss it, or use it as an excuse to get drunk. But for those of us who are in love, Valentine's Day is truly a special occasion.

Here in the United States, we spent almost $20 billion on this holiday in 2018, and this year's spending is expected to be similar. That shakes out to about $90 on average that people shell out on gifts for their spouse or significant other.

Are you considering giving a gift of Valentine's Day jewelry to your special someone? Feeling a little overwhelmed by all the possibilities, uncertain that your present will strike the right tone, or just straight-up clueless?

Never fear. We have spectacular suggestions for every relationship stage. Just figure out where you're at with your inamorata, and our gift-giving guide will do the rest -- well, you're on your own when it comes to paying, too.

Utter Infatuation

Maybe she's in your circle, but you've just recently started spending more time together. You haven't quite made it official or you haven't made it exclusive. Or you really like her and you're confident that she likes you, but unsure if she like-likes you.

All you know is that you hang on her every word. You find reasons to spend time at her favorite hangouts in the hopes of running into her "by accident." And you feel downright dizzy with desire every time she's near.

Contrary to cliches, this is not the time when "less is more" or when you should "go big or go home." Although you might be tempted to sweep her off her proverbial feet, it's better to go subtle but significant. Get her a costume-jewelry charm bracelet or pendant that shows that you're not just thoughtful, but thinking about her.

We're talking an affordable B.Tiff Pendant if you know her taste. Or a simple bangle to add to the collection she regularly wears on her wrist.

Make sure it's the kind of gift you'd choose for your sister, something that has no romantic overtones. Err on this side of the Friend Zone Demarcation Line.

Social-Media Solid

So you've made it Facebook official -- congratulations! Now that your friends and followers are aware of your relationship, it's time to step up your Valentine's Day game. Of course, the length of time you've been an item will also dictate the size or significance of your jewelry gift.

In other words, don't scare her off by buying jewelry that is too ostentatious, expensive, or meaningful. Make sure you know what her style is, too. Does she love bling? Or does she tend toward understated accessories?

A quick peek into her jewelry box will tell you if she prefers gold, silver, or rose gold. If there's a mix, then you've got it made! Go for anything that strikes you as something she'd love.

You can't go wrong with a simple solitaire pendant or classic stud earrings. But when in doubt, enlist one of her BFFs to lend a second opinion.

Need something that aligns with her unique style? A rose gold barrel pendant or a chunky stainless steel coil necklace might be just the ticket.

Comfortably Committed

You two have likely been through all four seasons together. You've definitely seen each other at your worst -- vomiting with the stomach flu, lashing out in anger and frustrated at the end of a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad workday.

On the other hand, you've also looked into her eyes and seen the depths of her love. You've laughed until you thought your sides might split. Together you two have dreamed about the many days to come, and how you'll spend them side by side.

Chances are you've also given one another some clunkers when it comes to gifts. Hopefully, you have learned from these mistakes! So by this stage, you probably feel at ease when you're choosing presents for your sig-O. And it's also likely that you're looking into engagement rings.

If you're not into natural mined diamonds -- and there's plenty of good reasons to reject them -- we have a diamond alternative to consider. Some jewelry (and romance) experts recommend buying your love a diamond alternative engagement ring anyway. Why? Hear us out.

When she's your wife she'll be wearing her engagement and wedding bands every day. You want to make sure you choose something she'll love, but also want the surprise element.

Choosing a diamond alternative engagement ring is a less expensive way to pop the question, and it also offers you a bit of an out. You can tell her that she can choose her own ring, just in case you have missed the mark style-wise.

Or maybe you two have discussed it and decided that you don't want to do the marriage thing? That's cool. If that's the case, a ring can still be a super romantic present.

Remember that engagement and wedding rings came about because their circles symbolized unending love. You can echo that sentiment without endorsing the traditional union or its religious undertones.

One way to do that is with an eternity band. Can you think of a better way to proclaim that your love for her will last for all eternity?

Final Thoughts About Valentine's Day Jewelry

Lots of men are afraid that choosing Valentine's Day jewelry is fraught with difficult decisions, but that doesn't have to be the case. Use our guide to all stages of relationships, and trust your instinct! Chances are that if a piece calls out to you, it's because it looks like something your sweetie would like.

Still feeling uncertain? Follow B.Tiff on Instagram and show her some of our snaps -- then pay attention to the ones she loves best!


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