Your Autumn Look: 10 Coolest Fall Jewelry Trends in 2019

Your Autumn Look: 10 Coolest Fall Jewelry Trends in 2019


Choosing new jewelry is one of the easiest ways to accent your look while keeping up with the season's latest fashions.

Whatever your personal style, it's essential to have a selection of fall necklaces, rings and earrings on hand. Especially in the colder months when jewelry can really help add a bit of sparkle to layers of knitwear and coats.

And, with many inspirational styles on the catwalks, this season is an exciting time to update your jewelry collection.

Here are the hottest jewelry trends in 2019 to watch out for now.

1. Layered Necklaces

Forget the 90s-style fabric chokers that everyone was wearing a few years ago. This season, one of the most fashionable ways to decorate your neck is by layering up a combination of shorter and longer necklaces.

Layered chains have been a growing trend for a while. But, with influencers such as Lucy Williams still championing this trend, it's certain to be popular as we head into 2020.

Simple, delicate chains work best. Especially as this trend requires you to wear three or four necklaces at once. But, feel free to add in some pendants with stones and charms to personalize the effect.

2. Asymmetry

Asymmetrical jewelry is one of the key jewelry trends this season. This is perfect if you have a collection of single earrings you don't have the heart to throw away!

Designers including Jonathan Simkhai and ADEAM favored asymmetric earrings for their catwalk shows. While Marine Serre went one step further and sent models down the runway with a silk scarf dangling from a single hoop earring.

For a wearable take on this trend, pair a single stud with a drop earring, making sure you pair complementary earrings for a coordinating effect. You should also choose earrings with the same color finish to add cohesion to your look.

3. Multiple Bangles

It's not just necklaces that are being layered this season. Stacking up several bangles and cuffs on your wrists is also a hot look for fall.

For an added fashion touch, wear them over your sleeves. Not only will you be able to show off your bangles more easily that way, you'll also keep your wrists warmer.

This cable bangle is a great statement piece and works well when paired with a solid bangle and this unique hexagonal pave bangle. Just make sure you stick to the same color finish on all your bangles to unify your look.

4. One Minimal Pendant

While layering necklaces is a popular street style trend, you'll also find many fashion influencers keeping things simple by wearing one minimal pendant.

Which one you go for depends on your personal aesthetic. Layering necklaces look laid back, whereas a single pendant is a chicer, more fashion-forward look for this season.

A single plain bar pendant punctuates a great outfit in a subtle way and works especially well over a single-color top. Or, if you want something more eye-catching, this stone bar pendant is perfect.

5. Rings Galore

So that your fingers don't feel left out, wearing several rings at once is also a big trend this fall. Although, you might want to keep your wrists and neck minimal if you decide to adorn your fingers with multiple rings.

Slim bands work well for this look, especially as you can stack them up to show off a couple of rings on one finger. This box cut stacking ring is perfect for adding some subtle detail, while this stone pave ring will give your look an extra hint of shine.

6. Dainty Studs

Oversized earrings were all over the 2019 catwalks. But, while chandelier earrings are great for weekends and parties, street style stars such as Monikh Dale and Julie Sarinana are favoring delicate studs to adorn their ears during the week.

And, if you go bold on your fall necklaces, rings or bangles, it makes sense to keep things minimal for your ears.

These small solitaire studs are great for adding a hint of sparkle, while these floro earrings are perfectly delicate yet super unique.

7. One Statement Ring

If you're not into wearing lots of rings at once, one bold cocktail ring can really up your hand game. And, one with a huge sparking stone is sure to set off your fresh fall manicure nicely.

If you think that an engagement might be on the cards these coming months then this cushion cut halo ring is the ultimate choice.

But, if not, make sure the statement ring you go for is made of surgical stainless steel to avoid tell-tale green stains on your fingers.

8. Bold and Golden

Whether you go for delicate layered necklaces, chunky urban chains or hooped earrings, gold-colored metal is leading the way this season.

Louise Vuitton favored thick 3D golden hoops and Gucci stacked up several golden hoops on their models' ears. To get a similar look, try these gold-plated hoops.

Chloe and Versace both opted for statement golden necklaces over cozy sweaters to add a hint of sparkle. While Dion Lee's models wore long gold-plated pendants over winter whites.

9. The Inner Circle

Despite featuring on the Versace, Balenciaga and Fendi catwalk shows, circular jewelry is an under-the-radar fall trend that will ensure you're ahead of the fashion pack this season.

This double circle pendant is perfect for tapping into this style, as is this halo pendant. Or, you could opt for these barrel earrings to show that you're in the inner circle this season.

10. Rose Gold

Rose gold has been popular for many seasons now. But, with the latest trend for rose gold hair colors, it's clear that the future is rosy when it comes to your jewelry too.

This wide bangle in rose gold-plating is a great piece, while this hexagonal bracelet looks even more unique in the rose gold finish. We also love these stone hoop earrings in rose gold-plating, and this stunning rose gold colored diamond cut necklace.

The Coolest Jewelry Trends in 2019

Whatever your own particular style, these key jewelry trends in 2019 offer plenty of inspiration to help you update your look this season.

For more information, feel free to contact us with any questions about our extensive range of jewelry.


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