MOISSANITE COLLECTION - Items tagged as "Stainless"

Many people wonder if moissanite looks good with diamonds in jewelry. And the answer is yes! Moissanite looks beautiful when paired with diamond engagement ring settings, diamond halo earring settings, and every type of diamond setting. Moissanites and diamonds, while different, look gorgeous when paired together.

Moissanite is regarded as a diamond alternative, with some optical properties exceeding those of diamond. It is marketed as a lower price alternative to diamond

Moissanite has a different faceting pattern than diamonds do, giving them a unique kind of brilliance.  Moissanite has a noticeably more fiery, rainbow-colored light pattern than diamonds do and it also has a higher refractive index, making moissanite more brilliant than diamonds overall. This is a big plus to many who love this highly sparkly, mesmerizing rainbow effect. 

The crystalline structure is held together with strong covalent bonding similar to diamonds, that allows moissanite to withstand high pressure up to 52.1 gigapascal.  Colors vary widely and are graded from D to K range on the diamond color grading scale.