2019's Spring Fashion Guide: 17 Great Ways to Wear the Latest B.Tiff Jewelry Trends

2019's Spring Fashion Guide: 17 Great Ways to Wear the Latest B.Tiff Jewelry Trends


While we all have a collection of our favorite jewelry pieces for everyday wear, it pays to update your look with a few new additions for spring.

Not only can these new pieces show that you're aware of new trends and styles in the world of jewelry, but they also help to add a new dimension to your existing collection of firm favorites.

At once both elegant and understated, fashion-forward and timeless, B.Tiff New York jewelry evokes many of the current jewelry trends while remaining a brand that you can wear again and again. As such, selecting several choice pieces from the collection enables you to invest in trending jewelry items that are sure to stand the test of time.

Check out the latest looks for this spring and learn how to create them using the hottest B.Tiff jewelry trends.

1. Floral Favorites

We admit that florals might seem like an evident trend for spring. But the flower-inspired jewelry adorning the ears, necks, and wrists of models on the S/S 19 runways felt anything but overdone and tired.

Instead, this new take on florals was fresh and new, with enough of an edge to convince us that flower jewelry is one of the hottest jewelry trends for this season.

This delicate Floro Pendant is the perfect way to tap into the flower power look. Or, if you prefer to decorate your earlobes with florals, these dainty Floro Earrings are available in both polished and gold colors.

2. Multiple Bangles

A wrist full of stacked bangles, cuffs and bracelets is a crucial look for 2019, so make sure your arms are adorned if you want to get up to date with the latest in trending jewelry.

Stacking up multiple B.Tiff Bangles is a great way to be both individual and fashionable at the same time, allowing you to experiment with different metallic finishes, shapes, and designs to create a new look every day.

You could start by pairing this single Edge Hexagon Bangle with a classic wide Bangle Bracelet. Then, build up your look with this white enamel Bracelet and this box cut Cuff as your bangle collection expands.

3. Bold Gold

While jewelry trends on the S/S 19 runways embraced materials as diverse as resin and shells, gold colored jewelry led the way in terms of the hottest metallic finish.

We're big fans of a matte gold finish for a more understated way to wear your golden toned jewelry. This matte gold colored Bangle is a firm favorite among the top B.Tiff New York jewelry trends. We also have a wide range of pendants with a gold color finish, such as this unique hollow bar Pendant. Plus, there are many varieties of Earrings with a gold color finish, including these Huggie Earrings and delicate Stud Earrings.

4. Hoop Earrings

Hoops are always one of the top jewelry trends, where each season sees a new take on this earring style to bring what is a now classic look even more up-to-date.

This season's hottest hoops are bold and chunky, with delicate touches and sparkling stones to add interest. These Stone Hoop Earrings are perfect for tapping into the trend. Plus, they're available in five different finishes to mix up your earring game, as are Pave Hoops.

5. Linked In

Links and chains of all shapes and sizes were an essential look for the S/S 19 runways, although chunky chain necklaces, in particular, are one of the leading B.Tiff New York jewelry trends for this spring.

A bold chain adds an instant edge to any outfit, with the ability to turn a basic summer tee into a statement-making outfit. And pairing a slinky slip or a floaty summer dress with a thick chain is super up-to-date and modern.

This 32-inch Cuban Link Necklace is sure to create maximum impact whatever you wear it with. Or, you could opt for this 26-inch chain if you're looking for a subtler way to tap into the chunky chain trend.

6. Index Finger Rings

While Pinky Rings were a hot trend for 2018, the freshest way to wear this season's B.Tiff New York Ring Collection is on your index finger.

Thin and delicate rings are great for your ring finger and can also work on your middle finger. But for your index finger, you should stick to larger, statement rings to ensure a balanced yet eye-catching effect.

This black Solitaire Disk Ring is perfect for making an impact, while this Cross Body Ring is thick enough to guarantee a bold look.

7. Teardrops

Teardrops have long been a popular style when it comes to trending jewelry, but this season has seen the theme come into its own.

While the catwalks featured models draped in resin teardrop earrings, oversize tear-shaped pendants, and bold teardrop rings, it's possible to embrace this trend in a more understated way.

We love the way these Teardrop Studs hang away from your earlobe for a unique effect, while this Teardrop Pendant is a stunning and simple piece that you're sure to wear for years.

8. Mismatched Earrings

While we're not sure who would want to wear these bizarre asymmetric jeans, the asymmetrical look was a big trend for jewelry on the S/S 19 runways.

And, with everything from lopsided necklaces to silk scarves hanging from single hoop earrings making an appearance, we're confident this look is here to stay.

But the easiest way to tap into this look has to be with mismatched earrings, for a modern yet subtle take on asymmetry. That said, you can't pair any old earrings together and expect to be in trend. The earrings you choose need to be different but coordinating in some way, with a similar theme running through both styles.

For example, you could take one of these Dangling Bar Earrings and pair it with one of these Solitaire Studs. Or, combine one of these black Stud Earrings with one of these short Bar Earrings in the same black-coated finish.

9. Graphic Shapes

Logo necklaces, graphic shapes, and eclectic prints were all over the S/S 19 runways, making it clear that fashion favors the bold this spring.

For a subtler take on this look, opt for unique pendants that make a statement without being too trend-led. A perfect example is this Infinity Pendant, which is both timeless and unique in its way. Or, you could opt for this stunning Felico Pendant, which is available in both a natural finish and a gold colored finish.

10. Army Girl

The utilitarian theme was big news on this season's catwalks, with combat pants and boots, khaki green dresses, and army detailing all out in full force.

Our Dog Tag Pendant is ideal for adding a practical edge to an otherwise basic ensemble. Or, this Kuglo Pendant offers a subtle take on army girl style and would look perfect draped over a khaki green tank for a modern spring look.

11. The Inner Circle

As well as unusual graphic shapes, the S/S 19 catwalks were awash with hoops, loops, dots, and spots, very much playing into the popular current trend for all things circular.

Our extensive range of halo pendants has long been one of the leading B Tiff jewelry trends. And they're also the perfect way to show that you're in the inner circle when it comes to spring fashion. Or, you could go for these elegant komenco earrings as a subtle way to play into the circular trend.

12. Stacked Rings

One of the hottest B.Tiff New York jewelry trends for this spring has to be stacked rings. Which is why B.Tiff rings are so perfect for combining to create a unique stacked effect to set your look apart from the rest.

Our classic stacking ring is available in five distinct finishes, including black, natural, gold, and rose gold, allowing you to experiment with different colors to create a unique look every time.

Likewise, this wide stacking ring is available in four finishes, meaning you can mix up widths for added originality. And we can't get enough of this box cut stacking ring, which has a unique yet subtle texture element that offers even more stacking options to play with.

13. Heart to Heart

Show some love this spring with heart-themed jewelry. Fresh from the runways of Balenciaga and the Instagram feeds of cool girls like Alyssa Coscarelli, this season is seeing a romantic theme when it comes to fun and popular jewelry trends.

This heart pendant is a perfect way to tap into this look. Or, you could opt for the pave stone-encrusted version to add a little sparkle to your spring wardrobe.

Alternatively, these heart earrings are ideal for creating a subtle hint of romance, as well as being one of the most popular B.Tiff New York jewelry trends.

14. A Cross to Bear

Whether you see them as fashion or faith, or a mixture of the two, this season has seen a rise in classic cross pendants.

Crosses and other religious symbols can be a beautiful way to reflect the diverse beliefs of the world. As such, even if you're not a believer yourself, our box cut cross pendant is a stunning piece that allows you to show your appreciation for history and culture as part of your aesthetic.

15. Black and White

Stylish women know that black and white are forever fashionable shades when it comes to clothing choices. But this spring, the monochrome look is also hot for your jewelry collection.

The best way to wear this style is to keep most of your jewelry simple with a metallic finish and then add in a couple of black and white pieces to make a statement.

You could even play on two trends at once by stacking up your B.Tiff bangles in both black enamel and white enamel. Or you might prefer to combine the white enamel bracelet with this black solitaire ring or this black coil necklace.

16. Layered Chains

If chunky chains aren't your style, never fear, delicate chains and charms are also popular trends for this spring, as long as they're layered together.

One of the best things about layered chains is that it allows you to add a fashionable dimension to a basic spring outfit, but looks effortless and cool at the same time. It also means you don't have to choose between your favorite B Tiff necklaces as you can wear several chains at once for a unique look.

We love mixing a combination of plain chains with a pendant or two. For example, you could layer this thin diamond cut necklace with the thick diamond cut necklace, this delicate solitaire pendant and this plain bar pendant for a truly personalized look.

17. Sparkling Stones

While sparkling stones will always be popular in the world of engagement rings, this season sees other forms of jewelry embracing a hint of sparkle too.

This stunning eternity cuff is a great way to adorn your wrist with glittering stones, while this stone bar pendant is perfect for adding some glamour to your look.

Or, if you're not getting engaged anytime soon but like the idea of a sparkling stone on your finger, this wishbone solitaire ring also allows you to tap into the trend for asymmetric jewelry.

Your Spring Fashion Guide to the Latest B.Tiff Jewelry Trends

As this guide to spring jewelry trends shows, there are lots of different ways to update your collection this season while remaining true to your style.

Whether you're into dainty studs, statement rings, chunky chains, or stacked bangles, you can embrace all your favorite looks with B.Tiff jewelry.

Make sure you check out our new arrivals for all the latest B.Tiff jewelry trends and modern designs or contact us for more information!


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