B.Tiff's Earring Ear Bling: 7 of the Most Popular Earring Styles for Women

B.Tiff's Earring Ear Bling: 7 of the Most Popular Earring Styles for Women


Did you know that earrings have been around since at least the 4th century B.C.?

In the tombs of Greek settlers, a slew of beautiful, ornamental earrings was found. They were also found in graves of ancient Etruria, in Central Italy. And in simpler styles in Rome.

And that's definitely not all.

Needless to say, it's always been an intuitive feeling for us to decorate our bodies. Men and women from all over the world have used earrings as a tool for self-expression. They've been enhancing our features and boosting our confidence since, well, forever.

Around the 17th and 18th centuries, earrings fell out of style in favor of wigs and headdresses. But they made their return. The 20th century brought a renewed appreciation for earring trends around the globe.

Next time you leave the house, make sure your ears get adorned with one of these timeless styles.


1. Solitaire Studs

What are solitaire studs?

When you hear the word solitaire, think of solitary. Solitaire studs are when earrings display one individual stone per stud earring.

Why is this so trendy?

Not only is it a minimal and delicate style, but it also packs a punch. Solitaire studs frame your face in a way that doesn't take over your outfit - but doesn't disappear, either.


2. Delicate Hoops

Want to make a little bit more of an impression than solitaire studs can offer?

Next up on our list is the delicate hoop. We recommend the Pave 34-Stone Hoop Earrings, because why not? The quality is durable and fashionable - exactly what we're looking for in a quality set of earrings.

Large hoops aren't bad, but we have a preference for the smaller, more delicate variety. This way you're making a statement without having an overwhelming appearance. After all, you've still got to show off that beautiful face!

This style is perfect for a night on the town. Delicate hoops will sway with your body as you move on the dance floor or tilt your head back in laughter at the cocktail bar!


3. Huggies

Huggies: you may not have heard of this style, but we bet you've seen it around. Like the solitaire studs, the idea is in the name. What does hug make you think of?

A nice, snug fit.

Huggies are similar to hoops. In fact, they are hoops. But the difference is you can't stick a finger through the hoop.

These earrings hug the bottom of your earlobe. The band is smaller, offering a cozy fit that won't sway with the turn of a head. This style is ideal for someone who wants to make a statement without appearing too "large."

Huggies offer the same aesthetic as hoops but without the swing.


4. Short Bars

Can you tell we're all about the aesthetically-pleasing looks without the costume-y vibe?

The same idea applies to bar earrings. Short bars work as a frame, bookending the sides of your face. Dangling near the jawline, they peak out from behind hair and make their presence known.

Bars can be set with shining stones, or they can be plain, and there's nothing boring about that.


5. Playful Shapes

It can't always be studs, hoops, and bars. Sometimes, a heart-shaped earring or a sparkling star will stand out from the crowd.

These shapes can be anything your heart desires and in any material - as long as you like it.

Going on a date anytime soon? Then rock a pair of heart-shaped silver babies that will remind your spouse why they love you so much.

Heading to an outdoor market? Try rocking a pair of golden star-shaped earrings. These offer a more playful vibe than some of the others - but they don't sacrifice your sophistication.


6. Statement Sparklers

Statement sparklers are for the woman who isn't afraid to stand out. Let's say that if you're wearing a pair of these, you're sure to get the crowd's attention.

So make sure to do your part in finding a pair that's worth it.

Statement earrings come in all shapes and sizes. But there is a delicate balance when it comes to the debate of gaudy jewelry vs. being glam. Your earrings will make the right statement if they come from a high-quality brand, like B.Tiff, that understand the value of a product.


7. Plain Studs

Does all this talk about sparkles, designs, and bars make you feel a little overwhelmed? Are you a more traditional, under-the-radar gal?

That doesn't mean you can't wear some cute pieces. In fact, plain studs can be adorable if they're the right size and material. There are a variety of colors and shapes to choose from, too - so you won't get bored.

These are great for casual lunches with Mom or going to the coffee shop for a reading session.


Earring Trends for Now and Later

The best part about this list of earring trends and styles?

It's a collection of timeless looks that you can rock year-round - for years to come. After all, what's better than having a bunch of cheap costume jewelry lying around? Having a handful of quality, beautiful B.Tiff pieces that won't age.

Now that we've covered earrings, click here to see how we feel about pinky rings and layered necklaces!

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