Make A Statement: Try One Of These Hot Trending Earrings Of 2019

Make A Statement: Try One Of These Hot Trending Earrings Of 2019

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Although purses and shoes always get the love when it comes to fashion accessories. This year the focus is on the earrings.

Harness the power of this accessory to help your style stand out this season.

This summer's trending earrings focus on classic studs, unique use of shapes, wide hoops, and earring layering. Megan Markle sported the classic stud earring look when she first shared Archie with the world.

Some summer earring trends are focussing on bigger. Bigger is not, however, always better. If you are looking for summer earrings that add style and sophistication, read on.

Our Favorite Trending Earrings of the Season

Solitaire Studs

This is a classic design that never goes out of style. It is especially versatile as well. This look is perfect for those days when you are transitioning from work to play with no time to run home for a full transition.

Size of the stud, itself, can change the look. Larger studs increase the glam while smaller ones create that classing, understated look. You decide, either way, you will look marvelous.

Round flat studs create a modern, urban look. This style is great when you are doing activities, like biking or hitting the gym, but still, want to keep your summer style.

Unique Shapes

Inverted Triangles, teardrops, stars, and hearts are all trending this summer. Through the use of different shapes, you can change the impact your earrings make on your look.

You can take the classic circle of the stud and raise the look to a more modern level by choosing an earring that is a circle within a circle. You will love the impact these shapes make on your summer style.

Bar Earrings

The vertical line in bar earrings put other types of dangle earrings to shame. This summer uses this geometric shape to stand out from the crowd.

Those in the fashion world know will be sporting bar earrings, either large or small, this summer.

A new pair of earrings will take last season's dress into this season with ease.


Hoop earrings always make a trend statement. They can be large, statement pieces, smaller and simpler with stone inlays, large with stone inlays. Ultimately the limitation with hoops is your imagination.

One hot new summer trend is wider hoops.

The width brings the eye to the earrings and draws attention to your summer styles.

One Last Trend

If you are looking to stand out from the crowd this summer. Layer your earrings. A stud with a dangle or hoop can increase the statement your jewelry makes.

Try different pairings, old with the new, complicated shapes with simple ones. It is summer, you are having fun, your earrings should too.

Check out some beautiful examples of this summers hottest earring trends from B. Tiff New York.

About B.Tiff New York

B.Tiff New York views jewelry as creative and imaginative. While at the same time engage state of the art technology to produce our jewelry.

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