Make that Special Someone Feel Loved: Your Guide to Buying Valentine's Day Jewelry

Make that Special Someone Feel Loved: Your Guide to Buying Valentine's Day Jewelry

 Looking for a stylish way to say "I love you" this Valentine's Day?

We love being in love, and Valentine's Day is the perfect way to celebrate it. Valentine's Day is symbolic of the capacity we have to give and receive love. It's also a special time to communicate to our special someone how much we appreciate and value them.

People planning Valentine's Day festivities are under a ton of pressure. There's not only the pressure of getting a gift, but also making dinner plans and finding the words to express our love without seeming generic. As a result, we may plan for the big day weeks in advance!

Spice up Valentine's Day this year by going outside the chocolate, dinner, and flowers box. Glam it up this year with a piece of jewelry your special someone can wear for years to come.

What jewelry should you snag for your sweetie this year?

Check out our Valentine's Day jewelry buying guide to find out!

Buying the Right Valentine's Day Jewelry

When buying jewelry for a loved one, the goal is to speak to their interests and style. This goal is to find a piece that shows your loved one how much you love them.

Explore the following jewelry to see which type and styles are a great fit for your sweetie!

Bangle Love

Modern bangles give your lover an instant glam look. Bangles are great for ladies who are looking for an added pop to balance her look. They're also great for ladies who prefer bracelet-only looks with an updated, modern appeal.

To select the right bangle for her, notice which colors and styles she prefers.

Does she prefer an understated piece? Does she like a pop of sparkle? Get a feel for her general bangle style and add a splash of sentiment and meaning to the bangle for Valentine's Day.

Here are our top picks to achieve a stylish, yet sentimental bangle look.

Harmony Bangle Bracelet

The Harmony Bracelet offers ladies a contrast of styles all in one bangle. She'll get the elegance of alternative diamond stones and the power of metal all wrapped up in one piece. The T-shaped stone patterns also add in a modern appeal sure to speak to her inner fashionista!

So if your lovely lady is a beautiful collaboration of contradictions, then this may be a perfect fit! Your lovely lady can wear this piece on a formal night out or with her casual everyday wear. This makes this bracelet a versatile piece sure to get a lot of love!

Eternity 25 Bangle Bracelet

Does your lady love to shine? Does she enjoy all things sparkly?

Then this is the perfect bracelet for her! This piece comes in different colors (blue, silver, black, gold, and rose gold), making it a versatile choice for ladies that love sparkling jewelry.

Made out of 25 0.2 ct B.Tiff Diamond Alternative stones, this bracelet is sure to shine on a night out or at any formal event.

4-Stone Wide Bracelet

The 4-Stone Wide Bracelet is perfect for the independent woman in your life who enjoys getting taken care of once in a while. This powerful yet elegant bracelet comes in four trending colors, natural, black, gold, and rose gold. So if you're lady likes to keep up with the latest style trends, then this bracelet is a perfect fit!


It's hard to go wrong with the right pair of earrings. Earrings resonate with most women and they are one of the most powerful stand-alone jewelry pieces available. They can also be great accent pieces to her trendy wardrobe.

A little shine and style near the face goes a long way!

To select the right earring for Valentine's Day, don't go for the flashiest or most trendy pair. Unless this matches her style, go for earrings that match her personal style. Add in a splash of Valentine's Day sentiment to convey the meaning of this special day.

Check out our following picks to match her style this Valentine's Day.

Pave Huggie Earrings

Some ladies can pull off big hoops whereas others prefer a smaller earring. The Pave Huggie Earrings are a perfect balance between hoops, flash, and style. Huggie earrings allow your lady to shine without the bulk of a larger hoop.

They also come encrusted with over one and half dozen Diamond Alternative Stones on each earring. These earrings are available in silver, gold, and rose gold, making it easier to match these earrings to the style of the beautiful woman in your life.

Sago Earrings

Does your lovely lady ooze feminine fierceness? This is the perfect piece of valentine's day jewelry for her!

Sage Earrings have a triangular shape which gives them edge and appeal. The Diamond Alternative stone is also a triangular cut which maintains the stylish edginess of the piece while adding in a bit of glam.

These earrings are perfect for the special lady in your life who likes to live outside the box. She's trendy, she's fierce, and she deserves these earrings for Valentine's Day this year.

Heart Earrings

There many theories about the origins of the heart shape, but in modern times there's no better way to say "I love you" to a sentimental lady than to give her a pair of heart earrings. These earrings will remind her how much you love her every time she wears them.

These heart earrings stand out from the rest. They have a modern twist that allows your special lady to feel trendy and loved. They have a diamond alternative stone to add a pop of shine.


Necklaces draw the eye towards the face and upper chest. By doing so, necklaces highlight a woman's natural beauty. Necklaces can either be stand-alone pieces, layered or matched with other jewelry items.

To select the perfect necklace for her this Valentine's Day, consider the length, colors, and metals of the necklaces she wears the most. These factors will help you to pick the perfect necklace for her!

Here are our top modern, stylish necklaces perfect for showing her how much you care this V-Day.

Rose Gold Diamond Cut

Rose Gold is all the rage and this Valentine's Day she'll love to add this piece to her collection. The Rose Gold Diamond Cut necklace is perfect for the whimsical and feminine woman in your life. She's a gal who loves pink tones and a bit of shine!

This piece comes in five different lengths. Feel free to get a variety of lengths so that she can layer these necklaces for an on-trend fashionable look.

Thick Diamond Cut

Is your lady an eye-catcher? This necklace will match her vibe!

The thick diamond cut necklace takes the ability texture has to create a stylish, eye-popping look into account. This piece utilizes a twisted, modern design, making it unique and reflective to light. The way it catches light will mimic the way she caught your eye when you first met her.

Thick Black Coil

Ladies who march to the beat of their own drum will love this necklace. The thick black coil necklace is a statement piece for the woman who can hold her own. She's not afraid to go against the grain, but she wants to look stylish doing it.

This piece resembles a coiled rope, symbolizing the tight bond you and her share. This necklace is a deep, dark black, making it bold and beautiful. It comes in a variety of sizes, allowing this necklace to pair with any outfit.


Pendants are a jewelry accessory women can wear on any type of matching chain or necklace. They add functionality to a necklace or chain by allowing for a variety of looks depending on her mood or the occasion. The right pendant can even jazz up a necklace by bringing in a definitive focal point sure to wow onlookers.

The most important thing to consider when selecting a pendant is its color. The metal of the pendant needs to match the necklace or chain it's placed on.

Pendants are wonderful Valentine's Day gifts because they stand out. They give any necklace a pop of glam but are easy to remove depending on the occasion. Pendants for Valentine's Day also have a variety of designs which symbolize the love you share with your special someone.

Here are our top pendant choices.

Infinite Pendant

This pendant is the perfect way to show that special woman that you'll love her forever. Infinity designs symbolize everlasting love. This modern take on the design is sure to dazzle and warm her heart.

This piece tells your lady that you're in it for the long haul.

The infinite pendant is unique and edgier than the run-of-the-mill infinity jewelry. It's designed to bow out, providing the piece with a thicker and eye-catching silhouette. Its design is complete with two Diamond Alternative stones which give it a touch of sparkle.

This is the perfect gift for your girlfriend or wife when you want to let them know that you'll be with them forever.

Pave Bar Pendant

If your loved one is classy and loves bling, this is the piece for her! The pave bar pendant is sleekly designed with Diamond Alternative stones laid in a vertical pattern. This design gives this piece a ton of modern glam and elegance to last all evening.

This piece will make her feel special and feel like the stylish woman she is. What better gift on Valentine's Day than to make your special someone feel like a million bucks?

The pave bar pendant also comes in four gorgeous colors: gold, silver, rose gold, and black. Not only will this pendant make her feel beautiful, but it can also match her unique style.

Deziras Pendant

This pendant will bring out the inner goddess in your special lady! This piece embodies the power of feminine power and will make her feel like a queen.

This piece resembles the shape of an eye and is complete with a striking diamond alternative stone in the middle. The Deziras Pendant is a way to celebrate who she is as a woman and what she means to you. It shows her how much you appreciate her support and love, as well as her strength as a woman.

Pave Heart Pendant

How deep is your love? Is it deep enough to symbolize a gorgeous heart with loads of sparkle?

If this sounds like the love you share with your loved one, this is the piece for you this Valentine's Day. When we give someone heart-shaped jewelry, it symbolizes us giving our hearts to that person. In return, they will carry our "hearts" around with them on a daily basis and let others know that someone loves them.

This piece is a modernized take on traditional heart-shaped jewelry. The heart is boldly designed, making it a durable and long-lasting piece of jewelry.

The heart is also lined with diamond alternative stones with a larger stone placed near where the curved edges of the heart meet.

Ready to Buy Valentine's Day Jewelry?

Valentine's Day jewelry is a timeless and affectionate way of showing the woman you love how much she means to you. She will love your thoughtfulness and how much you pay attention to her style choices.

Your lady is as unique as your love and deserves to have a unique, modern piece of jewelry.

If you're interested in purchasing jewelry for the special guy in your life, then check out our blog post detailing the trendiest jewelry for men which will make him feel adored this Valentine's Day. If you decide to take your love to the next level this Valentine's Day, check out our engagement rings here.


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