Oh, Snap. Your Guide For Creating Instagram Worthy Pictures

Oh, Snap. Your Guide For Creating Instagram Worthy Pictures

National Geographic has become the first brand to gain 100 million followers on Instagram.

How did they do it? By posting high-quality photos of adorable animals of course!

Their feed contains 20,000 photographs taken by 135 photographers. They have created a community and developed connections with users around the world.

The beauty of Instagram is that anyone can achieve this level of success with the right strategy.

We love our family of customers and we love reposting their pictures to our own Instagram feed. If you take great photos of your B.Tiff jewelry, you could possibly become part of our marketing campaigns too!

Keep reading for tips on how to take Instagram worthy pictures that are sure to improve your feed and get posted on our Instagram.

Creating Instagram Worthy Pictures

The first step to creating the best Instagram photos is to choose your content carefully. We happen to think B.Tiff jewelry is a great subject matter.

Certain types of content tend to fare better than others on Instagram. For example, photos of travel, food, puppies, and jewelry are sure to get likes.

It's not just about photo quality but also about subject matter and content quality. You want to create a feed that shows who you are and has a consistent them to captivate your audience.

It's not always about having the most followers. Having a smaller number of followers who are more engaged in your posts is worth more than a high follower count.

Similarly, you don't want to focus too much on how many likes each photo gets. Plenty of users simply like photos in hopes that you'll follow them, and they aren't specifically complimenting your post.

Posting photos of your B.Tiff jewelry is the best way to get reposted to our page. Getting reposted on our page is all about being original with your photos of our jewelry.

Join Our Community

We love our family of beautiful customers, and it's important for us to spread the love.

If you post photos on your Instagram wearing B.Tiff jewelry and hashtag the photo #btiff or #btiffnewyork, we might just share your post on our page! All of our followers will see your photography skills at work.

You could also become part of our marketing campaign and our community of jewelry lovers. Being a part of the B.Tiff family is a great way to get more followers and promote your own style.

B.Tiff is more than a brand, it's a lifestyle. Our brand brings users from around the world who are interested in style, quality, and affordability.

Getting reposted on our page isn't just about taking the best photos, but about being unique and showing why you love our jewelry. If your post is featured in our campaign, your content is sure to reach thousands of users who are likely to follow your page. We are proud to help our B.Tiff community of customers improve their own Instagram feeds.

Keep reading for more tips on how to take great photos of your B.Tiff jewelry to get reposted on our page.

Lighting Is Everything

Lighting is one of the most important factors when it comes to the quality of your image.

You want to make sure you are using natural light during optimal times of the day. In the outdoors, natural light works best in the early morning, late afternoon, and on days that are overcast.

You don't want to flood the image with sunlight, but you want to use natural light when possible. Artificial light doesn't look as good.

If the lighting is not good when the photo is taken, you can't fix it with editing or photo filters. The right amount of exposure will make or break your image.

Look Before You Snap

Most people don't take the time to study what they are trying to photograph with their own eyes.

There is more to taking stunning photos than pressing a button on your phone. True professionals know how to frame the subject within the photo to create the right composition.

Taking quality photographs is a form of art.

Take your time and look at what you are photographing from different angles. Whether you are taking a photo with a professional camera or your iPhone, there is a grid feature that you can turn on to help you visualize the composition of the photo.

Make Use of Focal Points

Great images have a clear focal point that draws the viewer's eyes.

These images have multiple points of interest that will capture the attention of the viewer but usually use one central point so as to not overwhelm the viewer.

You can use the focus features on your phone or camera to adjust this when snapping the photo, or you can edit the focus later.

You can not bring things into focus via editing, only take them out of focus. Take your time and make sure your camera is focused on the right part of the image when you take the picture.

You'll want to make sure your B.Tiff jewelry is the focal point of your image. ;)

Burst Mode

Have you ever wondered how people manage to capture perfectly clear images of fast-moving subjects?

They are most likely using burst mode to capture sharp detail by taking a series of photos.

Make sure you are in a well-lit area or are outside to allow for optimal shutter speed and focus on your subject. You can then look through the images taken to select the best one.

With this effect, you can photograph your B.Tiff jewelry in motion, just an idea ;)

White Out

Trendy photos often feature large amounts of white space.

This allows the viewer to focus on the subject and prevents them from getting overwhelmed by too much color or background clutter.

Advertisers have long used this technique, and you can easily bring the style to your Instagram feed.

If you aren't photographing your B.Tiff jewelry while wearing it, you can let the jewelry be the star of your photo.

The easiest way to do this is to shoot in front of a white wall. If there is no wall available, visit your local art store to purchase a piece of white poster board or foam board. You can place people or objects in front of this white background to create simple, effortless looking photos.

Portrait Mode

If you're not a photography expert, that's okay! Portrait mode is now available on most smartphones and will do most of the work for you.

This mode allows you to take photos, not just of people, that show depth and more of a scene than a traditional square crop. You can take photos of your B.Tiff jewelry in portrait mode or photos of yourself or others wearing their favorite accessories.

Fortunately, Instagram allows you to post photos this way now and does not require a square crop. You can maintain more of your image this way.

Don't Over-Edit

While using photo editing apps to enhance your photos is perfectly acceptable and can be a great way to add character and improve the look of your images, you want to be careful not to take things too far.

Overly edited images usually detract from the images themselves. You want your B.Tiff jewelry to shine, hint hint.

Unless you are specifically going for a dramatic edit, it's best to stick with making subtle changes that enhance the natural elements of the image. When using filters, gravitate toward the more subtle options and remember you can tone down their strength.

Practice Makes Perfect

Remember that most of the Instagram worthy pictures you see on your news feed are taken by users with photography experience.

Photography is a form of art, and the best photos are taken by those with years of practice and experience. Don't be afraid to dive in, but do realize it will take some time and practice to truly master the craft. No matter your skill level, your B.Tiff jewelry is sure to shine and just might get reposted on our page & used in our marketing!

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