The Best Types Of Jewelry To Wear In The Winter And How To Style Them

The Best Types Of Jewelry To Wear In The Winter And How To Style Them


Fall is in full swing, and before you know it, you'll be exchanging your pumpkin spice for peppermint. If you want to look great for the holidays and beyond, now is the time to plan your winter wardrobe.

Before you blow your budget on sweaters and boots, don't forget how important jewelry is. It can make or break any winter outfit. Jewelry can also be the fine line that makes any ensemble appropriate or inappropriate for the occasion.

To help you figure out the best types of jewelry to wear next season, our B.Tiff experts have put together this handy guide.

Best Types of Jewelry for Women in Winter

Listen up, ladies, because here are all the winter jewelry staples you need.

Stackable Rings

Rings go through trends just like anything else. The era of bulky statement rings is over. This year, it's all about stacking simple rings for a trendy mix.

While style alone is reason enough to hop onto this bandwagon, stackable rings have a convenient twist too. As much as we love a great solitaire, they have a tendency to snag on gloves. Clean and simple rings, though, are glove-approved.

How to Style Stackable Rings

Sweaters with comfy, extra long sleeves are nice and cozy, but they can bulk up your wrist. Delicate stacked rings that peek out from the sleeve will add a feminine touch.

You can also use these rings to engage in another great trend: spreading rings across multiple fingers. You no longer need to limit your hand candy to a single finger. The key is to use understated rings for this, though, because bolder rings can be too flashy.

Finally, let's talk about choosing your metal colors. While you can match all your rings to the other colors on your jewelry, the stacking trend is a great way to mix metal colors.

If you do this, make sure the rest of your outfit has mixed metal colors as well. That way it doesn't look like you coordinated everything else but put on your rings in the dark.

Bangles with Details

Bangles are like the Groundhog Day of bracelets. They keep coming back in style time after time. This season, though, the trend is to wear bangles that have delicate details on them.

If you're aiming for flattering jewelry, bangles are a great choice. They have a way to make your wrists look thin and feminine, so hop onto that trend and enjoy.

How to Style Detailed Bangles

Many women struggle with wearing jewelry in the winter. They aren't sure how to arrange them with their long sleeves.

It's true that bracelets don't tend to go well with bulky sweaters. But, if you have a thin sweater that's fitted at your wrists, bangles on top of the sweater are great accents. Another great option is to pair them with 3/4 sleeves.

The key you need to keep in mind with bangles, though, is that it's all about the stack. A single bangle is underwhelming, but a collection of three or four give a sophisticated look.

As with stackable rings, a stack of bangles is a great place to mix metal colors as well. Feel free to get adventurous with the mixing and matching.

Wrapped Bracelet

Let's say you want the look of a stack of bracelets but finding the right pairing is too much of a hassle. In that case, you should consider wearing some lovely wrapped bracelets.

As the name suggests, these bracelets feature simple designs but they wrap around your wrist a few times. You get the stacking effect with one easy piece.

How to Style Wrapped Bracelets

Not only do these bracelets make stacking unnecessary, they actually make it a poor choice. They stand up on their own merits, so there's no need to crowd them with more bracelets.

Because wrap bracelets are made of a single metal color, they work best when you have that one same metal color throughout your outfit. If you want to wear a silver wrap bracelet, stick with silver in your necklace and earrings too.

Romantic Heart Necklaces

Winter is the season of whimsy and romance. Cheesy holiday movies would make you groan at any other time of the year, but in winter they're treasures.

Heart jewelry has the same appeal. It's romantic and comforting with the perfect dose of femininity.

How to Style Heart Necklaces

The key to styling your heart jewelry well is pairing it with the right neckline. For tops that expose your chest like v-necks or scoop necks, wear delicate heart pendants that rest on your upper chest. These necklaces can also look great with slim-fitting turtlenecks.

Perhaps you're a fan of larger, bulky heart pendants instead. These pendants look great at the end of a long chain that lands around your rib cage.

Delicate Solitaire Pendants

Diamond solitaire pendants have a timeless look that never goes out of style. For winter, in particular, that sophisticated style is perfect for all your formal holiday parties. Instead of blowing your budget on a diamond with an inflated price, though, you can get the same with our B.Tiff Diamond Alternative stone.

How to Style Solitaire Pendants

If you want to embrace the formal style of a B.Tiff Diamond Alternative Solitaire stone, it pairs well with an elegant dress at formal or black tie events.

Don't miss out on opportunities to enjoy your solitaire by restricting it to luxury looks, though. You can dress it down with a great simple sweater that needs an extra flash of style.

Did you know your necklace can make you look thinner, too? Customize the length so the pendant rests in the little space between your collarbones. It will accent your collarbones and give you thinner-looking shoulders.

Bring Back Rose Gold

Rose gold is one of those jewelry trends that popped up a few days ago and it's been front and center since then.

If you're a fan of rose gold, there's no limit to the ways you can incorporate it into your outfits. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, you name it.

How to Style Rose Gold Jewelry

Why is rose gold such a great choice for winter? It's all about the colors.

The delicate pink hue goes well with so many colors we love in winter. You can pair it with ivory, black, navy, and charcoal for the best look. It doesn't mix well with red or tan, though. With too many red tones, you'll lose the effect.

Whatever you choose to pair it with, use rose gold as an accent rather than a compliment. It's a great way to add a touch of sophisticated color to a simple and classic outfit.

Go Bold with Black

Another beautiful color to bring into your winter jewelry selection is black. If you want to make it stand out, take it a step further and choose a piece that combines black metal with B.Tiff Diamond Alternative stones.

How to Style Black Jewelry

As with rose gold, the key to making black jewelry look great lies in your color selection. It complements colorful outfits best, but it fits plenty of neutrals as well.

In particular, your black jewelry will look its best with tan, red, charcoal, or ivory. With black and navy, though, the jewelry will get lost and lose its appeal.

Another handy advantage is that black jewelry pairs well with other metal colors. If you enjoy mixing metal colors, black will look classy and beautiful alongside rose gold in particular as well as silver and gold.

Sparkle with B.Tiff Diamond Alternative Earrings

Diamond earrings aren't limited to the winter. In fact, there might not be a more universal beauty in the jewelry world than a great pair of B.Tiff Diamond Alternative Stone Earrings.

Winter, though, brings out their beauty even more. They mimic the sparkle of snow, giving you a beautiful and whimsical look. They don't need to be huge to have that effect, nor do they need to be mined diamonds.

How to Style Earrings with B.Tiff Diamond Alternative Stones

There's no shortage in the earring shapes that look great with classic B.Tiff Diamond Alternative stones. Whether you're a solitaire gal or more of a dangly darling, choose the style that fits you best.

When it comes to earrings, it's more about matching them with your hair than your outfit. You'll never go wrong with B.Tiff Diamond Alternative Earrings, but dark hair really brings out their brilliance.

Winter Jewelry for Men

Our jewelry pros know that jewelry isn't just a great way for women to accent their favorite looks. It's a great styling option for men as well. For the gents out there, here are the winter jewelry trends you need to try.

Bold, Masculine Rings

Men's rings went out of style for a while, but they're back in a major way. They're a great way to add class to your look.

Of course, not all rings are created equal. This season, focus on rings with simplistic shapes. They can have small details like subtle B.Tiff Diamond Alternative stones. Unless you want to look like a mob boss, though, now is not the time for rings that have large, protruding gems.

How to Style Men's Rings

The key to looking great while wearing a ring is to find the perfect metal or color. Match your ring to any other jewelry you're wearing nearby, like your watch or cufflinks.

Classic Chain Necklaces

Why let your hands have all the fun? A classic men's chain necklace can bring some style around your neck as well.

For the most part, though, avoid pendants. You're going for a look of subtle luxury, so stick with a plain chain.

How to Style a Men's Chain Necklace

The key to making your chain look great is pairing it with the right shirt. The best combo is a chain with a collared shirt. A collared shirt reveals just a snippet of your necklace for a classy understatement.

If you're more of a sweater-wearing type, chains look great with v-necks. They don't tend to complement crew neck sweaters. You might want to steer clear of this combo.

Faith-Centered Jewelry

The holidays are a time when many people feel a closer connection to their faith. Why not have a reminder of your culture with you at all times?

In most cases, this comes in the form of a necklace pendant like a Star of David pendant or a cross-shaped one. This is the one exception to the "no pendants" rule for the guys.

How to Style Faith-Centered Jewelry

These types of pendants go well with short chains, so choose the length wisely. They look best with v-necks, but some men can pull them off with turtlenecks as well.

If you want to keep your faith-centered jewelry with you at all times, the key is variety. Invest in a gold color option along with a silver color option so you can choose the perfect one for each outfit.

Wide Bangle Bracelet

Watches might be the most common types of wrist jewelry for men, but don't overlook a great bracelet. To make sure you keep it masculine, go for a rigid, wide-banded metal bracelet.

When it comes to men's bracelets, a matte finish is your best friend. The fit is important too, though. Aim for something with a close fit, unlike women's bangles which should have a loose fit.

How to Style a Masculine Bangle

Many men use a bangle on the right wrist to complement a watch on their left. If you do this, make sure the metal colors match so you have a cohesive look.

If your watch is ornate and detailed, though, go for a simple bangle. They should complement each other rather than look like twins.

Maxing out Your Winter Style

Looking great this winter takes forethought, planning, selection, and a dose of trial and error. If you're like our team at B.Tiff, though, that experimentation is your favorite part. The tips above can help you make to most of each and every piece in your winter wardrobe.

To cut to the chase and pick up the best types of jewelry for your favorite winter outfits, shop our jewelry selection online.


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