You’ve seen the photos on Instagram and Pinterest – the ones of perfectly-varnished hands adorned with clusters of beautiful rings. The look is cool and effortless and you want in.

Wearing a simple single ring, on one hand, is a thing of the past.

Today the modern way to wear rings is to pile them on – the more the merrier.

Celebrities like Kate Bosworth, Rihanna, and Lauren Conrad rock the trend and their fingers look fabulous!

But how to wear multiple rings together? What if you overdo it? What if you look silly?

The best part about ring-stacking is that there are few rules. And if you own a collection of rings, you’re almost there!

There are, however, ways to rock the ring-stacking trend to suit your personal style, with varieties to match different budgets. It will take playing around and trying combinations but with our help, you'll discover a look that suits you.

Ready to join the finger party? Read on for our tips on what’s trending in jewelry.

1. Easy and Elegant

Are you a minimalist?

Not to worry, stacking rings aren't limited to heftier numbers.

Decorate your fingers with several fine, delicate and thin rings for a classy look whilst keeping on trend.

Use them to stack special celebration rings such as an engagement or wedding ring. In fact, why not celebrate a significant milestone in your relationship by adding an exciting addition to the collection?

Don’t forget that perfectly-polished manicure!

2. Chunky and Funky

The chunky and funky look is the easiest way to follow the stacking ring trend.

Use a variety of rings to mismatch to make your digits look effortlessly stylish.

A weighty, regal piece is a great addition to add to the bag. Feel free to use different colors, and textures, anything goes!

You may even have enough rings in your collection to pull this off.

A modern way to make a statement with chunky rings is to wear several on just one finger. This will give the illusion of one standout, hefty bauble. Simple but effective!

A chunky thumb ring is another fresh way to update this look. Ensure that it’s the largest ring sitting on your hand for it to pop.

3. Perfectly Positioned

No longer are rings limited to sitting on the base of your fingers.

Midis are modern rings that lie closer to the tip of your fingers. They look especially cute perched on the end of your pinky.

Not only do midis look cool, but they elongate the fingers making them appear delicate and dainty.

This is the ring to wear and wow – it resembles something out of a futuristic movie!

These modern rings give your digits a jazzy and unique style.

4. Cool and Creative

The world – or your hand – is your oyster when it comes to getting creative with stacking rings.

Mix chunky rings with thinner bands to add another dimension to your hands. Team with a statement cuff, or stacked bangles and bracelets to pile on the bling – be bold!

Don’t forget to sparkle those nails – add colorful lacquer to complete the look.

Got a cute finger or hand tattoo? Arrange your stacked rings around it so they complement one another. The finished look will be one that’s hip and stylish.

5. Mixing and Matching Trends

We've heard about stacking rings and midis but what other trends are there?

Rings that open at the front are a cute and unique option to add to your stacks. They give great contrast as they offer space on the hand so it doesn’t look full, which can easily happen if fingers are stacked up!

A multi-finger ring is an interesting statement piece that makes an outfit pop.

Go all out and mix and match ring trends together – become the epitome of uber-cool!

Trending in Jewelry

There are countless ways to stack modern rings and we hope our guide has helped you learn what’s trending.

With many varieties and combinations of stacking rings, it’s a trend that’s highly personal – so own it. Wear those randomly mixed matched rings, pop on those eye-watering bright colors and don’t worry that you might have too many on.

Stacking rings is a strong, bold look, so make it yours! And here’s the secret – it’s one that’s (luckily) difficult to get wrong.

Ready to get those fingers Instagram-worthy? Time to get stacking! Check out our ring collection for inspiration.