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B.Tiff 2 ct Solitaire Pendant


Rose Gold
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 B.Tiff 2 ct Solitaire Pendant

You need a piece that’s as beautiful as you are, that shines as bright as you do. Let us introduce you to the B.Tiff 2 ct Solitaire Pendant. With a huge 2 ct B.Tiff Diamond Alternative centerpiece, this is the perfect gift for yourself if you love stones and diamonds.

All of our B.Tiff stones are cut specifically to display a high flash and have more fire than top-tier diamonds, ensuring they shine brightly from every angle and with any type of lighting. Set in our special allergy-free and durable stainless steel, you can choose between two beloved colors: glorious gold or cheery rose gold.

Gift yourself with this unique B.Tiff 2 ct Solitaire Pendant. You’ll love how large the stone is, and it will look beautiful around your neck. You know that you deserve the best and now’s the time to get it. This pendant is highly durable and shines with undeniable intensity.


  • Round 2 ct B.Tiff Diamond Alternative Stone
  • Surgical Stainless Steel
  • Gold or Rose Gold Colors Available
  • Pendant Thickness: 7.03mm
  • Pendant Width: 8.93mm
  • SKU: PT201G or PT201RG