A gift of jewelry is always a classic way to say, "I care," or better yet, "I love you." But, with a classic gift, you don't want to run the risk of seeming predictable, uncreative, or stale...

Not to worry! Even a simple gift of jewelry can be turned into an exciting surprise when presented in a unique way. Spice things up and wow your gift-receiver with these 10 creative ways to give jewelry gifts.

We can assure you, it'll be a gift to remember...

1. The Surprise Discovery

If your anniversary, Valentine's Day, or your gift-receivers birthday is approaching, they may have your gift on their radar. One of the best ways to throw them off and still make your jewelry gift a total surprise is to leave it for them in the least expected place.

Instead of presenting the anniversary jewelry at a fancy dinner like they'll be expecting, try leaving it somewhere mundane for them to find on their own.

Just think of the fun when they go to grab their morning coffee creamer from the fridge and find a little jewelry box sitting inside waiting for them. We guarantee, they won't be thinking about coffee for long.

If you aren't worried about losing the gift, you can get really adventurous and place it somewhere like inside their shoes, tucked under a pillow, on the seat of their car.

The key is, have fun thinking of somewhere unpredictable but where they are sure to see it and get a delighted surprise.

2. Unexpected Delivery Person

This can be an exciting method for giving your jewelry gift as your receiver will have no idea it's coming.

Find someone, (trustworthy), that your sweetie would never expect to be the deliverer of your gift. If you have little children, they are a charming option for this.

You could even ask a personal friend your sweetheart has never met. Have them approach them somewhere public to "deliver" the gift. Just tell your friend to say something like, "Pardon me, did you drop this?"

Another fun option is a beloved pet. Tie the box, ring, bangle, or bracelet to their collar and send them to your significant other to find it.

Heck, you could even leave an open ring box at the bottom of your fish tank when they go to feed Nemo.

3. Hide It in "Your Spot"

If you and your loved one have a "spot" you frequent together, this is a great place to consider hiding your gift or presenting it to them.

Walk or visit the location. If you're comfortable leaving your gift unattended for a while, place it there before you arrive.

You could go a wee bit more predictable and simply pull the gift out once you arrive at your sentimental spot.

4. "X" Marks the Spot

Nothing adds fun to gift giving like a little scavenger hunt. Plus, you'll have fun creating clues and coming up with locations to hide them.

This also allows you to throw in other romantic ideas like remembering where you had your first date, where you said "I love you," or other fun little significant aspects of your relationship.

Create several clues to lead your significant other or gift-receiver on a fun hunt. The suspense is sometimes half the fun of receiving a gift.

5. Wrap It in Crap

This one makes us laugh. Before you move on to the next idea, hear it out.

The element of total surprise will be on your side if you wrap your jewelry in something odd like an old cereal box, a toilet paper roll, or place it inside another oddly shaped container.

When your loved one sees the oddly shaped gift in it's wrapping, they'll have no clue what it could be.

This idea is especially fun if you want to throw them off the trail during events like Valentine's Day or Christmas when they may be expecting something like jewelry.

6. Present It On a Plate

On a more tasteful and traditional note, but still unique, is the idea of presenting your gift on a plate or platter.

If you're planning a romantic dinner for two, reach out to the restaurant ahead of time. Most quality restaurants are more than happy to assist you in romantic gestures like this.

You can arrange for your waiter to place your gift on a fancy plate or platter and have them write a chocolatey note beside it.

When dessert comes, your gift-receiver will be surprised and delighted, and we don't mean by the food.

7. A Gift Within a Gift

Simply stated, act like that cardigan you're giving them is the only gift. Then, when they lift it out of the box, have your fine piece of jewelry lying beneath it.


8. Inside a Christmas Ornament

If you happen to be giving your sweetie some jewelry during the holiday season, this is a great way to add some creativity to your presentation.

Visit your nearest craft store and buy one of those clear, empty tree ornaments. Then, place your jewelry inside and it's ready to be gifted.

9. Time it Early

If your special gift is to accompany a big occasion like an awards ceremony or wedding, give it to them before the big moment.

This will take your receiver completely off-guard and give them the added pleasure of wearing your gift to the event.

10. Make it Part of an Activity

You and your sweetie big road bikers or climbers? Find a way to incorporate your gift as part of your favorite active pastime.

Place that pair of earrings strategically in the seat of their canoe and watch the delight on their face. Hang that new necklace from their next hand-hold on the rock wall and enjoy the moment.

Great Jewelry Gifts Ideas

Now that you know exactly how to present your gift in a unique and romantic way, do you have the right gift for your loved-one picked out?

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