You’ve got the essential fashion wardrobe – basic tee, figure-hugging jeans, and black blazer, but there’s something missing. Your look is lacking that vital bling, the finishing touches to those carefully-curated clothes.

You’d love to own the perfect jewelry collection – but where to start?

It's a difficult task but starting a jewelry collection will work wonders for your wardrobe. Adding one piece alone can completely transform an outfit - imagine what you can do with a whole set!

Choosing jewelry is so personal, that building a collection allows you to express your personality with the pieces you wear.

Match each one to suit your individual style, wardrobe, lifestyle, and budget.

And remember – quality over quantity! Essential jewelry pieces are the ones that will remain in your collection for years to come, the ones you reach for day in and day out.

Keen to start collecting jewelry? Our guide will help you choose your essentials – one piece at a time.

1. Earrings

The Simple Studs

The first piece of jewelry you must buy is a pair of stud earrings.

These are the earrings that go with everything and anything – whether it be a smart dress for the office or joggers and a loose tee. They’re comfortable, versatile and for a small piece, give a big impact.

The diamond stud is a much-loved classic choice, but studs do come in a variety of styles.

The Cute Hoops

Whether large and eye-catching or small and dainty, a pair of hoops is the perfect addition for that girl-next-door look.

Like the simple studs, the cute hoops are versatile. Use them to dress up an outfit for the club, or pop them on for a day running errands.

2. Necklaces

The Delicate Chain

The delicate chain necklace is the piece you rarely take off – the thin, light necklace that barely feels like it’s there.

This is the necklace that goes with everything, it’s buried under the layers during winter and on full display during summer.

The best thing about it is - it looks great on its own, or stacked up with other necklaces to add a new dimension to your outfit.

The Statement Necklace

As your essential jewelry collection grows, it will soon be time to add dramatic pieces to the group - pieces that pop.

The statement necklace is the show-stopper of the set, the head-turner that makes one think ‘wow’.

Team it with an understated outfit of neutral colors. An LBD – little black dress – is a great choice.

Your statement necklace can be any style you wish – beaded, colorful, tasseled, as long as it stands out!

The Classic Pearls

Pearls are no longer a piece only a grandma would wear – no, they’re back and as stylish as ever.

This sophisticated and elegant option is an ideal choice if you want to impress. Wear them to a job interview or an important lunch date for that chic ‘Chanel’ look.

3. Bracelets

The Bold Cuff

A bold cuff is a strong, interesting bracelet used to dress up outfits and make a statement.

It’s flawless as a feature piece or stacked up with smaller, delicate bracelets or other cuffs for a commanding look.

Use it to add cool and effortless glamour to slouchy jeans and a loose tee, or wear with a mini-dress to turn heads.

4. Rings

The Over-sized Cocktail Sparkler

Flashy, bright, glittering and colorful - the over-sized cocktail ring is no wallflower. Pop it on and it will be the first thing anyone will notice – but that’s the idea!

Wear it to glam up an ordinary outfit or go all out and frost those fingers for a big night out.

The Mixed and Matchers

The best bit about wearing mixed and matched rings are – there are no rules!

Pick up a variety of B.Tiff New York's cool and interesting rings to create a trendy and fresh look.

Choose styles and colors that complement one another, but try not to overwhelm. One on every finger may be pushing it!

Mixed and matched rings are great for stacking too. Wear several rings on a couple of different fingers to showcase that hip, laid-back attitude.

A super-easy way to keep on trend!

Completing Your Jewelry Collection

Keep an eye out on the B.Tiff New York website for these essential jewelry pieces and you’ll soon own a dazzling jewelry collection to match your uber-cool wardrobe.

Let our guide help you, but make sure each piece in your collection is special to you.

Fill it with a range of beautiful pieces – ones you’ve spent time choosing yourself, personalized pieces and if you’re lucky, gifts from loved ones and heirlooms passed from family members.

Let each piece tell a story with you as the main character.

Ready for the jewelry collection of dreams? Why not get inspired by checking out our bangles & bracelets?