C400G B.Tiff Oval Link Gold Plated Mask Chain Necklace

B.Tiff Inc (Retail)

SKU: C400G-32

B.Tiff Oval Link Gold Plated Mask Chain Necklace

The mask chain clip onto your ear loops, dangle effortlessly below your chin, and lie gracefully on your chest like an oversized necklace. Apart from being another pretty piece of jewelry, they help keep your mask on you at all times—while also solving the ear dangle or chin strap situation you may resort to when temporarily pulling your mask off. 

The chain is a simple accessory to jazz up the look and make it much easier toting your mask around town which is still a regular part of the outfits for many of us. Additionally it can be worn as a simple stand-alone or stacked chain necklace for a very fashionable look.


  • Surgical Stainless Steel
  • Stainless Steel, Gold Plated and Anodized Titanium Black  available
  • Width: 1mm
  • Length: 32 inches
  • Product #C400G