C031RG B.Tiff Diamond Cut Rose Gold Plated Stainless Steel Chain Necklace


SKU: C031RG-16

B.Tiff Diamond Cut Rose Gold Plated  Chain Necklace

Many women don't feel secure in their jewelry unless there is a stone attached to it, but you're different. You want a piece that is only metal because you know this material is strong, beautiful and very expressive if worn the right way. Our B.Tiff Thin Diamond Cut Necklace exclusively uses our best metal and is cut and crafted specifically for a unique look and texture, available in natural and rose gold colors.

B.Tiff is happy to use only premium, surgical-grade stainless steel that is highly durable and has many other natural benefits. Being nickel-free and forged to the highest quality, our material is hypoallergenic and will shine as brightly as sterling silver. The only major difference that you'll notice is that steel doesn't tarnish, meaning less maintenance but the same level of beauty.

If you're looking for a uniquely cut necklace with an exquisite texture and a brilliant shine, then this necklace is for you. It's both lovely and very functional, meaning that you can bring it anywhere without fear.


  • Surgical Stainless Steel
  • Rose Gold Color
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Thickness: 1.5mm
  • Product #C031RG