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    ER113G B.Tiff Gold Pavé Supera Earrings

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    B.Tiff Pavé Supera Earrings

    Discover the delicate allure of the B.Tiff Pavé Supera Earrings, where minimalist design meets a touch of sparkle. Crafted with precision from premium surgical stainless steel, these earrings are designed to offer both style and comfort for everyday wear.

    Each piece in this pair features a sleek, organic triangle shape, a geometric nod to modern simplicity. The triangle, often a symbol of harmony and creativity, is brought to life with a pavé setting of six .01 carat stones that catch the light, creating an subtle yet captivating shine. These earrings are the epitome of dainty elegance for adding a subtle statement to your ensemble, ideal for those moments that call for a sophisticated touch without overwhelming.

    Whether you're dressing for a casual brunch in a sundress and sandals, stepping into the office in a tailored blazer and trousers, or attending a chic evening event in your favorite little black dress, these earrings will complement your outfit with their timeless shine. Wear them as a daily emblem of elegance or present them as a cherished gift, suitable for anyone who appreciates the beauty in simplicity and the brilliance of well-crafted design.


    • .01 ct Round B.Tiff Diamond Alternative Stones
    • Surgical Stainless Steel
    • Black, Silver and Gold Colors Available
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Width: 3mm
    • Length: 3mm
    • Thickness: 2mm
    • Product #ER113G