Chains, particularly gold-colored chains, have been around for millennia. Ancient Egyptians wore them to ward off evil spirits.

It was a good luck charm, a display of strength and power. Kings fought wars over its gold.

Fast forward to today, and the idea remains the same. Celebrities, especially rappers, shimmer from head to toe. And among all that bling, the piece that shines brightest is, of course, the Cuban link chain.

While not as storied as traditional gold-colored chains, the Cuban link holds its own as an icon of fashion. But where did it start? How has it evolved over the years?

More importantly, how do you get one? Don't worry; we'll tell you all that and more.

What is a Cuban Link?

Sometimes called Miami jewelry, a Cuban link chain has a thick texture. It's interlocked in a unique pattern to accentuate the links.

This process makes it stick out more. People on the street are more likely to notice, perhaps even stare, at a big, thick chain around your neck.

It's no wonder, then, why rappers favor the Cuban link. It reflects the success they've achieved, flaunting it for all the world to see. In fact, this chain's history is forever linked with the rise of hip-hop.

Where Did It Start?

No one knows. The exact date is unclear, though many a rapper has laid claim to starting it all. Cuban links likely emerged during the late '70s.

See, those were the first years of hip-hop. DJ Kool Herc started it all, hosting hip-hop block parties in the Bronx as early as 1973. With him, he brought his style.

Inspired by disco, it featured big sunglasses, bell bottoms, and of course a thick chain. Other emcees copied this style. Kurtis Blow famously bedecked himself in gold chains for his debut album cover, appropriate since it would become rap's first gold-certified record.

How Has It Changed

As the decades ran on, the music changed, bank accounts ballooned, and new stars brought their take on hip-hop fashion. But what never went out of style were the thick gold-colored Cuban link chains.

The '80s saw thicker chains introduced. LL Cool J, Eric B., and Rakim, they all had golden ropes hanging around their neck. And let's not forget Run DMC's famous "dookie" chain.

The '90s were all about length. Biggie had his Jesus piece. Tupac had beads to go with his bandanna.

Rap was booming and its stars flaunted their wealth the best way they knew how: around their neck. It was a trend that continued into the new millennium.

The B. Tiff Difference Today

Nowadays, rap is stronger than ever. Fans scour the Internet, searching for ways to emulate their favorite rappers. Shoes, shirts, and especially Cuban link chains have steadily risen in interest.

It's not surprising.

Jewelry, especially chains, symbolize status. They mark your milestones. They give you confidence and add style to whatever outfit you wear.

Things have changed in 30 years. In 2018, all that precious metal may give some wearers a chain reaction they won't like too much.

But don't let price keep you from looking good. You don't have to spend like a rapper to look like one.

At B.Tiff New York, we make our Cuban links with hypoallergenic stainless steel. What does that mean? It means anyone can wear them.

Plus, the abundance of steel keeps prices down, well away from Jay-Z's six-figure jewelry but just as beautiful. It's also durable, going where you do. You won't damage it as easily as you would a platinum or palladium chain.

We make the rap look accessible to everyone. The only question now is:

Where Can You Get Yours?

A simple point and click will take you where you need to go. Our website makes it simple. You have choices of three colors with our pioneering adjustable tie and hook for multiple lengths to suit your styling need.

You can get either a gold-colored finish, a polished steel finish, or a metallic black finish. They come in adjustable lengths of 13.5" to 17.5" and width of eight millimeters and a one-millimeter thickness. It's a perfect balance between length and thickness.

We even got a matching adjustable Cuban link bracelet if coordination is essential for you.

The Cuban links we offer at B.Tiff New York are elegant and gender neutral and won't look like those golden ropes of the 80's. You'll turn heads without having to declare bankruptcy.

A Cuban link will never go out of style. Buying one will give you a risk-free investment in your fashion future. What's not to love?

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Plus we've got a blog designed to enhance your jewelry knowledge. What are you waiting for? Check us out today! We'll give you all the style you'll ever need.