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    About B.Tiff New York

    "B.Tiff is Perfect for everyday outfit--simple, elegant and yet uniquely intriguing"

    In 1999, B.Tiff launched its first line of jewelry. The designers at B.Tiff visualized our jewelry to be the pinnacle of artistry, state of the art technology, and sustainability. We also wanted to have jewelry pieces that we can wear any day, anywhere, all the time with minimum effort to maintain. We longed for jewelry pieces that are comfortable, fashionable, impressive, timeless and will look like it's freshly out of its box for a long time. It was also important for us that our jewelry pieces were produced ethically and sustainably with minimal environmental impact.

    We at B.Tiff were drawn to this new concept and technique of jewelry creation but could not find anything like it on the market so we set out to create our own in the belief that there will be people sharing similar desires and tastes with us. We want to offer our customers a new style that combines impeccable function with a distinctive appearance just as how we liked to have. After a long period of exploration, we settled on surgical stainless steel for our metal because of its hypoallergenic quality, enduring metallic shine, sustainability, and ease of maintenance (basically none!) and our B.Tiff Alternative Stones and Moissanites.

    B.Tiff employs the revolutionary "Tension Set" technique that applies 200-pound force to suspend our finest B.Tiff Diamond Alternative Stones with hypoallergenic surgical grade stainless steel to give the stones a 'floating' effect that maximizes the stones' brilliance and shine. This resulted in a brand new appearance and texture that sets B.Tiff jewelry apart.

    The Moissanites we carry are the authentic highest grade Moissanites used in the industry and come with a certificate. All B.Tiff Diamond Alternative Stones have earned the highest rating for critical factor determining diamond beauty from a leading gem lab versed in the machine measurement of diamond brilliance and light dispersion. Each stone in each size category is a near perfect copy of each other in dimension, shape and workmanship. B.Tiff Diamond Alternative Stones are bright, sparkly and display more fire than the best grade of mined diamonds. They have a hardness rate of 8.5 on the Mohs Scale and are known for their white color and internally flawless clarity. B.Tiff Diamond Alternative Stones reveal the "eight-point star" pattern resulting from their exact proportions and are classified as "D" color. The B.Tiff Diamond Alternative Stones are of the highest quality that will never become cloudy, even in the shower, pool, or spa water.

    B.Tiff is a USA company based in the New York City vicinity with more than 20 years history in the surgical stainless steel tension set jewelry business. We put our heart and soul to create our line of jewelry at B.Tiff solidifying our imagination into actual jewelry pieces that we longed for and love to wear every day. We hereby humbly offer our work to you hoping they bring you joy just as they do for ourselves. Thank you for shopping at B.Tiff!