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    RG210W B.Tiff 3 ct Emerald Cut Engagement Ring

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    B.Tiff 3 ct Emerald Cut Engagement Ring

    With the massive 3 ct Emerald Cut stone at the crown, this ring makes strong statement and cannot be missed. With minimalist elegant lines of the ring band, the focus is on the well deserved stone and it will catch every single eyesight. 

    Our B.Tiff Diamond Alternative stones are internally flawless and show more fire than the highest quality of mined diamonds. Not only that, but each stone we sell has been precisely cut for optimal shine and light reflection. Surgical stainless steel is used to create our rings as this metal has a brilliant shine, is very durable and is hypoallergenic. 

    The stone comes in four colors, Red, White, Blue, and Green, all with stainless steel ring band. A Rose Gold plated band version is also available with White stone.

    If you’re looking for an iconic and timeless engagement ring that can always stun then this is perfect. You’ll love how it looks and it’s a ring that you’ll gladly treasure forever.


    • 3 ct Emerald Cut B.Tiff Diamond Alternative Stone
    • Surgical Stainless Steel
    • Rose Gold ring band with white stone, and White, Blue, and Green stone colors with stainless steel ring band Available
    • Emerald Cut Stone Dimension: 8 x 10mm
    • Ring Width: 5.0mm
    • Product # RG210WW