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    PT330W B.Tiff Adjustable Thin Rolo Chain Necklace with Paperclip Links

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    B.Tiff Adjustable Thin Rolo Chain Necklace with Paperclip Links

    The distinguishing feature of the rolo chain style is that all of the links are exactly the same, and they are set in an alternating pattern. It is typically found in round symmetrical links, and may also be called belcher chain. 

    The B.Tiff Adjustable Rolo Chains contain links in the shape of circles with one end threaded through a paperclip link allowing free adjustments of its length. The rolo links are round with small diameter making the chain a delicate and elegant piece that be worn by itself or stacked with other necklaces. The flexibility in creating your desired length for optimum layering of our pieces or to fall just right on your neckline make this one of the most versatile and popular chain.

    Wearing along or stacking with other necklaces, the clean lines and sharp look make this the perfect accent piece for your outfit. 

    The necklace is made of the finest hypoallergenic Surgical Stainless Steel. Allergy-free with high durability makes our material superior to most precious metals.


    • Surgical Stainless Steel
    • Natural color of stainless steel or Gold
    • Width: 1mm
    • Length: Adjustable 25.5"
    • Product #PT330W