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    BG1212W B.Tiff Eternity 38 Bangle Bracelet

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    B.Tiff Eternity 38 Bangle Bracelet

    "Fierce and Triumphant with Sparkles" is the design motto of this bangle. A strong and solid piece with a long line of stones pave across the center and cast in stunningly wide matte metal, this bangle is a powerful and beautiful statement piece with asserting presence to instantly draw attention to its wearer's personality and presentation.  

    Along the top is a line of 38 .005 ct B.Tiff Diamond Alternative stones, cut and arranged for maximum flash. Every stone we use shows more fire than mined diamonds and you never have to worry about fogging or clouding, make them equally functional and beautiful.

    All color options are made from the same hypoallergenic and incredibly durable surgical stainless steel, which is very lovely and unyielding to fearlessly go anywhere. Choose from silver, gold or black colors. 


    • .005 ct Round B.Tiff Diamond Alternative Stones
    • Surgical Stainless Steel
    • Black Color
    • Width: 12mm
    • Thickness: 2mm
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Product #BG1212W