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    ER-PT-318G B.Tiff Gold Pavé Bar Pendant & Dangling Earrings Set

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    B.Tiff Pavé Bar Pendant & Earrings Set

    Choosing a gift for that special someone can be difficult. Do you get a pendant or ring or earrings or bangle? What about stones and the metal color? With a well designed set, coordination is easy and sophistication is instant. Every woman has different taste, but this pendant and earrings set is one that every woman is sure to love. It has everything she’s looking for along with numerous colors to choose from.

    B.Tiff Pavé Bar Pendant

    On top of the four colors to choose from - rose gold, silver, gold and black, the pendant has a long row of our finest .02 ct B.Tiff Diamond Alternative stones. Guaranteed to have fire and flash tantamount to the finest mined diamonds and cut to optimize reflection at all angles, this is a piece that everyone will enjoy.

    B.Tiff Pavé 14-Stone Dangling Bar Earrings

    Dangling earrings are a bold choice. Unlike other earrings, which stay close to the ear, these come down to frame the face and are made to show the world what they look like. 

    Along the bottom of the bar are over a dozen .01 ct B.Tiff Diamond Alternative stones that have been ideally cut to flash at all angles and with more fire than even the best mined diamonds. We only use stones with an 8.5 hardness rating on the Mohs scale for enhanced durability. There are four colors silver, black, gold and rose gold to match the pendants and all four are made from surgical stainless steel that is strong and allergy-free.

    When it’s time to give her a gift, you have to choose right. This B.Tiff Pave Bar Pendant & Earrings Set will certainly delight her!


    • Round B.Tiff Diamond Alternative Stones
    • Surgical Stainless Steel
    • Stainless Steel, Black, Gold, or Rose Gold Colors Available
    • Pendant Width: 48.81mm
    • Pendant Thickness: 3.89mm
    • Earrings Width: 3mm
    • Earrings Thickness: 3mm
    • Earrings Length: 32mm
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Product #ER-PT-318G