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    RG200W B.Tiff .5 ct Princess Cut Extra Wide Ring [Wide Band]

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    B.Tiff .5 ct Princess Cut Extra Wide Ring

    This striking ring features a contemporary wide band design, measuring an impressive 15mm in width, which gracefully curves to embrace the wearer's finger with a bold yet elegant statement. Its most remarkable feature is the tension-set stone at the center, a setting style chosen specifically to maximize the brilliance and sparkle of the stone by allowing light to enter from all angles. The band's substantial width is complemented by the sleekness of its sides, creating a balanced and modern aesthetic. This ring is a standout piece, combining the simplicity of its wide band with the eye-catching allure of its tension-set gemstone, making it a unique and special choice for those seeking a distinctive piece of jewelry.

    We suggest buying one size up for a wide band ring. 


    • .5 ct Princess B.Tiff Diamond Alternative Stone
    • Surgical Stainless Steel
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Width: 15mm
    • Product #RG200W