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    PT123W B.Tiff Sago Pendant

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    B.Tiff Sago Pendant

    You want to give her a good gift, and everyone knows that women love jewelry. The problem is that your female companion loves modern designs and you don’t want to get her the same old thing again. Let’s introduce our B.Tiff Sago Pendant. Within a daring design and a brilliant flash, this is a piece that takes some dramatic chances.

    B.Tiff only uses surgical stainless steel as this metal is highly durable and naturally free of allergens, making it ideal for jewelry. Plus, it has a wonderful silver flash that must be seen. At the bottom of the pendant hangs a large .30 ct B.Tiff Diamond Alternative stone, shaped with the ideal triangle cut. This stone has high flash from every angle.

    If you’re looking to give her a gift and you want something a little different, then she’ll love our Sago Pendant. It will make her feel as beautiful and unique as she truly is.


    • .30 ct Triangle Cut B.Tiff Diamond Alternative Stone
    • Surgical Stainless Steel
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Width: 28.13mm
    • Thickness: 4.53mm
    • Product #PT123W