So you’re a fashion-loving gal, but you’re also an on-the-go woman. Chances are you’re leaving most of your prized accessories locked up in your drawer and wearing the same pieces of jewelry every day. We don’t blame you. Basic, must-have pieces of jewelry can instantly transform any look without you having to worry about whether they match your outfit.

But while you can wear the same rings, necklaces, and bracelets every day, you may want to spice up your look every once in a while. Get more out of your treasure trove by learning how to layer individual pieces. Since there’s an art to layering, we’ve listed a few helpful tips on how to do it like a pro, below.

1. Mix chunky and dainty pieces

Take your simpler, go-to pieces of jewelry to the next level by pairing them with chunkier pieces. Take your plain, thin, gold bangle and pair it with a pearl-studded bracelet. Wear your bedazzled choker with a simple rope chain.

Combining large, heavy pieces with equally dominant items is a no-no because it makes you look weighed down. By balancing your delicate and your bulky pieces, or your minimalist and your extravagant items, you’ll look well put together and elegant, with just the right touch of quirky.  

2. Pick one accessory type to layer

If you’re going to layer necklaces, for instance, then layer only necklaces. If you want to layer rings, layer only rings. Layering two kinds of accessories in one outfit is a fashion accessory faux pas. Just imagine how you’d look sporting layers of necklaces and layers of bracelets at the same time. Instead of the chic, sophisticated look you were going for, your accessories may overwhelm your outfit, leaving you with a cluttered instead of classy appearance.

3. Keep your clothes on the simpler side

Layered pieces of jewelry are a fashion statement in their own right. This means you should wear simpler, more neutral clothes, especially if your layered accessories are closer to your body or lie flat on your clothing. For instance, layered necklaces work best with a solid-colored top. If you’re layering rings or bracelets, make sure you’re wearing a short-sleeved top or that you push the sleeves up.

Layering pieces of jewelry is a fun and easy way to express your personality and step up your accessories game. If you’re in the process of building your jewelry collection and want to try layering, why not sign up to get notified for our sales event? It’s your chance to stock up during our amazing sales.

You can start browsing our collection of ethically-produced accessories today. We take pride in using only lab-made diamond alternative stones, as well as jewelry made from hypoallergenic, surgical stainless steel for your comfort and convenience.