As fashion expands and extends, the attitude that the only jewelry a man can wear is a watch and a wedding band is being left behind. In fact, global sales of men's jewelry reached $5.3 billion in 2017, which is an increase of 22 percent since 2012.

As men begin to experiment more with style and accessories, key trends are emerging in the world of jewelry for men. And, like tattoos and body piercings, jewelry is another way to personalize your look and express your individual style.

But, there's a fine line between fashion and faux pas when it comes to men's jewelry. With that in mind, here are the hottest B.Tiff jewelry trends for all you men out there to follow this year.

1. Stacked Rings

There's no need to wait until you're married to start wearing a ring or two.

For many men who want to dip their toe into the world of male jewelry, rings are a good place to start. Plus, a simple band like this box cut ring can even work for men in the corporate world as part of their everyday look.

But, for something bolder, try the stacked-ring look. This slim stacking ring is great for mixing and matching. Plus, as it's available in five different finishes, you can combine a couple of different rings for a more personalized effect.

This slightly thicker stacking ring is available in four finishes and will combine well with other bands. And, this stone pave ring will add a touch of bling to your stacked look, as will this unique stainless steel cross body ring.

But, however you choose to adorn your fingers, make sure that you go for high-quality B.Tiff rings to avoid staining your skin with green marks.

2. Chunky Chain

If you're a fan of a more urban style, chunky chains are a bold statement that will only add to your overall look.

This Cuban link 32" chain is available in silver and gold colors, as is the slightly slimmer 26" chain version.

If you go for a gold colored chain, keep the rest of your look simple with a pared-down grey marl t-shirt to combine cool and warm tones. Silver colored chains look great with most colors, but black and white are always good choices.

3. Single Earring

The asymmetric look is a key trend in the world of women's jewelry this year. And this style has started to make waves in the world of male earrings too as the solo look becomes more popular for men.

These hoop earrings come in several different finishes. Or, you could go for these huggie hoop earrings, which are designed to fit closer to the earlobe for a more subtle look.

If you prefer a stud, these small solitaire studs are available in four finishes, while these larger studs are great for making an impact.

Whether you favor hoops or studs, one earring makes a statement beyond the actual earring style itself. And, on a practical level, wearing one earring means that if you lose it, you'll always have a spare.

4. Slim Thread Necklace

If you want to add interest to your neckline but find chunky chains too much, you'll love the emerging trend for slimmer necklaces.

This silver colored chain is a great option for a classic men's chain necklace that makes a statement without overpowering your look. Or, you could go for the slimmer version, available in a range of different lengths.

Alternatively, this coil necklace evokes a sturdy masculine feel but is just slim enough to keep things subtle.

5. Cuff Bangles

More men are adding decoration to their wrists beyond just a standard watch, with leather wraps, ethnic beaded bracelets, and cuff-style bangles.

As bangles go on your wrist, you should ensure that the bangle complements your watch if you wear one. So, if your watch is silver colored, try to avoid gold colored bangles as they will result in a mismatched, over-complicated look.

This cable cuff bangle makes a great statement for your wrist, while this wide bangle is both elegant and bold.

Or, maybe you'd like something a little more unique to really personalize your wrist game? Geometric design is becoming more popular in the world of tattoos as people seek new inspiration for their body art. Whether you're a fan of ink or not, a B.Tiff hexagonal cuff bangle is a great way to reference this trend without the commitment of a tattoo.

6. Striking Pendant

Adding a low-hanging pendant is a great way to break up your look, offering added visual interest and a hint of distinctive style.

Or, if you really want to stand out from the crowd, consider following Johnny Depp's lead by layering several pendants. Plus, piled-on pendants are a big male jewelry trend for 2018, as seen in Paris, New York, and London.

Get the look with this silver colored dog tag pendant for a touch of military cool. This plain bar necklace is a subtle way to experiment with the pendant trend, or you could go for a classic cross pendant in gold or silver colors.

But, for the ultimate statement, we love this Felico pendant in silver color, which is also available in gold color.

7. Black Jewelry

Of course, you don't have to feel restricted to silver or gold colors when it comes to men's jewelry.

Black anodized jewelry is a big hit with men looking for distinctive pieces that add interest without too much shine. Plus, black anodized jewelry mixes and matches well with the silver color for a complementary look.

This black stone pave ring is a great option, whether you're stacking it up with other rings or leaving it as a statement piece on its own. This black bar pendant is striking against a white t-shirt, and this wide bangle would complement any style or color watch.

The Hottest Trends in Jewelry for Men

As these hot new trends show, jewelry for men is becoming increasingly popular. And, with a variety of ways to express yourself and display your individual style, adding interest to your look just got a whole lot easier!

For more information, feel free to contact us with any questions or queries.