For many modern women (and a growing number of men), jewelry is a part of everyday style.

We have certain pieces we wear for special occasions – pearl necklaces or diamond earrings – and we have our go-to pieces. Jewelry has become an important part of fashion, and an extension of personal expression.

What type of jewelry you prefer can say a lot about you. Whether you love bold, colorful pieces of simple, understated classics, your personality shines through in what you choose to wear. Read on to learn what your jewelry preferences say about your personality.

What Your Style Says About You

A lot of people may think that fashion and style are more about function than flair. We all have to wear clothes, so find something that’s comfortable and appropriate and roll with it. But you may know that fashion is far more than a way to avoid public nudity charges.

As Rachel Zoe said, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” Having clothing and jewelry that expresses something about you can be incredibly affirming. It lets you communicate a few of the most wonderful things about you to everyone you meet without you having to say a word.

Big, Chunky Jewelry

Do you find yourself always reaching for bold, chunky pieces of jewelry? You may find your jewelry box filled with large earrings, statement necklaces, and chunky bangles. These pieces can be fun and a great way to add some personality to your outfit.

If you prefer large, bold pieces of jewelry, chances are you’re a pretty bold person yourself. These pieces take a certain flair to pull off, and you’ve got what it takes. You aren’t afraid to get daring with your look, and from your earrings to your shoes, you rock a unique style every day.

You’re comfortable in who you are and what you bring to the party, and you don’t mind standing out in a crowd. In fact, you may be the kind of person who enjoys time in the spotlight, and there’s nothing wrong with that! Let your style shine; people around you love your sparkle, and you bring laughter to every room you walk into.

Lean into your extravagance with big hoop or dangle earrings, chunky bangles, and thick necklaces. You may want to wear more understated clothes to let your jewelry shine. Or, if you prefer, go all-out, and pair your bold jewelry choices with outfits that bring just as much flair.

Classic and Elegant

Is most of your jewelry hand-me-downs from your grandparents or great antique store finds? Do you prefer simple diamond studs to dangly pieces? If so, you’re the sort of person who appreciates timeless pieces that will outlast the current fads.

You’re someone who isn’t easily impressed by fleeting, insubstantial things. You work to make the things in your life count, from the way you dress and decorate your space to what you do in your career. You don’t want to live a life that just looks good from the outside; you want to build a legacy that will last.

Your friends know you’re someone they can count on when they need something. From advice about a tough situation to help moving into a new place, they know they can turn to you. You handle things with grace and poise, and you don’t rush into anything.

Find some good signature pieces that will stay with you through any style situation. Put together your core pieces that will form your signature look and last for years to come.


These days, chunky, colorful jewelry is on trend, and you may find yourself enamored by these bright pieces. Do you love the flair of a big statement necklace in bold, enthusiastic metal colors? Do you always find yourself looking at the chunky dangle earrings that come in different metal colors?

You’re a person who finds joy in every corner of your life and who believes life is not meant to be lived trying to act small. Your favorite thing in the world is laughing until you cry with your friends. But if you have an opinion, you’re quick to share it; you aren’t to sort to sit back and hold your tongue.

Your friends know they don’t have to wonder what you’re thinking – you’re an open book. You’re the person they call when they need some more adventure in their lives, and for good reason. You’re usually the one planning new experiences, whether it be a spontaneous weekend at the beach or skydiving lessons.

Rock on with your fabulous self, and wear all the colorful jewelry you can get hands-on. Find a few colors that you can wear often, and get pieces that coordinate with that color scheme. Whether it be blues or primary colors or even a rainbow, having a signature color scheme will help you create beautiful, vibrant outfits.


Take a moment and think about how many diamonds you have in your jewelry box right now; is it more or less than five? Do you only wear gold and silver-colored pieces? Are you the sort of person who would rather have one nice bracelet than twenty department store pieces?

You’re someone who enjoys the finer things in life, and you don’t apologize for that. You like things that are made with care and quality, and you’re willing to pay for what you get. You appreciate a job well-done, and in your own life, you try to surround yourself with things that can live up to your standards.

You have a few solid friends, and you can rely on each other absolutely. Quality over quantity is the guiding principle of your life, and because of that, you have a life that will stand up to any test. You’re successful in a reliable career, and you don’t have room in your life for any extraneous junk.

Spend time saving up to be able to get the jewelry pieces you really want. It’s worth the wait to get that piece you’ve had your eye. Try to spend your money on items that will fit into your signature look, and don’t get lured in by items that won’t fit with what you already have.


Quick, what’s going to be the hottest jewelry trend of fall 2019? Are you tuned in to all the latest fads and fashions, from what colors are in to whether chunky is still in vogue? If your jewelry collection turns over with the seasons, you probably fall into the trendy category.

You are the kind of person who always likes to be up on the latest and always on trend. You take pride in how you dress and the way you carry yourself in your life. You’re not one to hang on to old things or ideas just because they’ve been around for a while; with you, it’s out with the old, in with the new!

People around you notice that you always have the latest on what’s going on. In your career, you’re the one pushing for updates to company policy, and in the break room, you always have the latest gossip. You like being in the know, and that combined with your pride in personal comportment have helped you go far in the world.

We don’t have any advice but to keep staying on fleek! You know what’s hot and what’s not, so wear what makes you happy, and don’t be afraid to clean out your closet and your jewelry box from time to time. But also find a few good pieces that can stick with you through the seasons and that you can restyle a dozen different ways.


If you’re reading this on your phone while you’re on your lunch break in between meetings, you’re probably the on-the go type. And you expect your jewelry to keep up – in fact, most days, “jewelry” may pass as a FitBit or Apple Watch and maybe a pair of earrings if you have an important meeting. Fussy bracelets and necklaces that require a lot of styling have no place in your life.

You’re a person who knows what they want out of life and intends to go after it. You’re what they might call a “Type A” personality – every day, you have a long to-do list, and everything gets checked off. Workout, career, running kids to various activities – you juggle it all like a pro.

You don’t have time for people who can’t keep up with you, but the people in your inner circle are the better for it. You catch up on the go, and when you do get together, you burn the town down. You’re a powerful group, and you know just where you’re going next in life.

You need your jewelry to fit your busy lifestyle, so steer towards simple, classic pieces. Find a couple pairs of earrings that go with any outfit, and pick a necklace you feel comfortable wearing with any outfit. Bracelets may give way to more functional fashion pieces, and there’s nothing wrong with that – your jewelry should fit your needs.

Simple and Clean

If you’ve read through this list wondering how all these people have so much jewelry, you probably fall into the minimalistic category. You may only have one or two pieces you wear on any sort of a regular basis, and those are simple. Glitzy gemstones and statement pieces aren’t your style; you prefer a simple gold chain to chunky, bright necklaces.

You’re the sort who doesn’t have room for a lot of extra clutter in your life. You prefer to keep things simple, and in your life, function trumps fashion. You don’t keep things around after you’re done with them, and Marie Kondo has written the Bible by which you live.

People in your life come to you when they need a straightforward, direct answer. They know you won’t mess around with a lot of drama or half-truth, and you won’t pull punches. You find the most efficient way to work at your career, and your desk is always clean.

Don’t feel pressured to bring any extra flair into your life that you don’t need. You know which pieces work for you, so invest in good quality jewelry that will stick with you through the years. But don’t be afraid to fall in love with something new either; every now and then we all need a little fresh perspective.

Find Your Perfect Type of Jewelry

Fashion is a great form of expression, and jewelry more so than even clothes. Jewelry can be versatile, and you can create a signature look for yourself that transcends one specific outfit. The type of jewelry you love can become a great way to express yourself every day.

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